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San Benigno, Bergero is acquitted: “It is normal for shepherds to have knives”

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The defense was supported by the lawyer Celere Spaziante

SAN BENIGNO CANAVESE. Two knives in the pocket and one in the truck, with blades between 17 and 20 centimeters. But Aldo Bergero, 42, was acquitted yesterday by the court of Ivrea. His lawyer, Celere Spaziante, argued that his job as a shepherd justified the possession of those work tools.

Judge Elena Stoppini therefore opted for acquittal in the sentence, but for the reasons we will still have to wait.

The period in which Bergero was arrested was quite peculiar: May 3, 2017. In October of the same year, the feud between his family and some shepherds of Romanian origin culminated in the murder of Costel Cornel Calinciuc, 38, in Chivasso. Doru Olaru Constantin of 28, for which Aldo, however, was never investigated. For the younger siblings, the process ended with a sentence. Daniele, Romano and Piero, always defended by the lawyer Spaziante, received a sentence of twenty years in prison, reduced by a third on appeal compared to the more severe first degree sentences. Together with them, the 30-year-old from Mercenasco Alex Bianciotto was also sentenced, who was defended by the lawyer Enrico Scolari.

It is a well-known family in Canavese, even before the murder, for the herding of flocks throughout the Lower Canavese area: between Front, Chivasso, Foglizzo and Montanaro. Often, however, it has risen to the headlines for judicial issues that have to do with life in the countryside. In this case, however, Aldo Bergero was acquitted and the judge, in all probability, agreed with his lawyer.

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