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San Vendemiano, a student struck down by the disease at the age of 24

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Dario Dall’Ava, graduated in administration and marketing from Marco Fanno di Conegliano, had studied law at the University of Udine. The pain of his girlfriend, the moved words of his brother: “Say hello to my mother”

SAN VENDEMIANO. San Vendemiano mourns the disappearance of Dario Dall’Ava, 24 years old. He died on November 23 after an illness he had been fighting for some time.

The news spread in the evening and aroused deep condolences in the town. The trips to the mountains, the trips with the family and his girlfriend, have been many happy moments of a short life.

Despite the disease, against which he tried all possible treatments, the young man lived with intensity even the most difficult periods.

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