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Sanchez’s visit to Morocco tugs at the nerves in Algeria

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Sanchez’s visit to Morocco tugs at the nerves in Algeria

Reading the articles of some newspapers for Friday and the weekend, we begin with the “Socialist Union”, which published that the Algerian regime decided, once again, to freeze its relations with Spain due to what it considered a “second stab” directed at it by the head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, following the visit. What he took to Morocco and the results that resulted from it.

According to the same platform, the Spanish daily “El Independiente” quoted a source close to the ruling regime that Algeria had accused Sanchez of “destroying hopes for restoring bilateral relations,” and that Spanish-Algerian relations had entered a phase of cold peace.

The same source added that the prevailing feeling among Algerian political leaders is that “the Sanchez government deceived them,” and that “what seemed like a return to traditional Spanish neutrality regarding the Moroccan Sahara has evaporated with the return of the pro-Moroccan position,” meaning autonomy.

“El Independiente” continued, according to the “Socialist Union”, that this conviction closed the door to any improvement in bilateral relations after a series of positive signs such as the resumption of flights between Algeria and Madrid or the partial increase in exports from Spain.

And to “Al-Masaa”, which wrote that the incident of finding the body of a young man in his mid-forties in the bathroom of his house located in the “Karian Al-Sabouni” subdivision in the Sidi Bouzkri area in Meknes, mobilized the security and local authorities and civil prevention personnel, who arrived at the scene, where police personnel subsequently proceeded. The process of initial inspection of the body and its location, while the applicable legal procedures were carried out, and the body was then transported to the mortuary at the Mohammed V Regional Hospital for an autopsy and the preparation of a medical report on the true causes of death.

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For its part, “Moroccan Events” published that members of the Royal Gendarmerie Territorial Center in the Zaaroura community in Larache province were able to arrest a fifty-year-old “pedophile” suspected of raping underage schoolgirls.

Research revealed that the suspect was offering oranges and some sweets to lure his victims to his house located in the “Al-Tayel” area in the village of Za’aroura, and then he would begin to tamper with their innocent bodies.

The same newspaper also published that after the controversy raised by the use of the insecticide “thiacloprid” and the concern of consumer protection associations, the National Office for the Health Safety of Food Products (UNSA) was quick to provide clarifications in this context, as it confirmed that it had banned the use of the aforementioned pesticide since 2021.

According to “Moroccan Events”, “UNSA” stressed that it has banned the use of this pesticide in the agricultural field since the year 2021, and only two products containing “thiacloprid” have been approved in Morocco and their licenses have been withdrawn since the aforementioned date.

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