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Santiago Alarcón, regretted having voted for Petro?

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Santiago Alarcón, regretted having voted for Petro?

Santiago Alarcón’s criticism of Gustavo Petro

And it is not the first time that the actor Santiago Alarcon criticizes Gustavo Petro: in the campaign, he did not agree very much with the strategy implemented since the campaign of Gustavo Petro.

Through his Twitter account, the artist, with an outstanding career on national television, shared a message in which he assured that he did not understand the non-attendance of debates by the candidate of the Historical Pact, something that he even compared to what happened with ivan duke in past elections.

“Can you explain to me what kind of strategy it is not to go to the debates? Wasn’t it the same thing that we criticized Duque? Explain to me please,” he said Santiago Alarcon on their social networks. The actor’s question came within the framework of a meeting of vice-presidential candidates, which was not attended by France Marquez, formula of Gustavo Petro.

Besides: Santiago Alarcón’s response to those who call him “maintained”

However, Santiago Alarcón finally decided to support the Historical Pact proposal and made his vote public on social networks: “My vote will be for Francia Márquez and his presidential formula Gustavo Petro. feign surprise”.

The disappointment that Santiago Alarcón feels today contrasts with his excitement when Gustavo Petro was elected as President of Colombiain which the left-wing candidate’s victory over Rodolfo Hernández became known as soon as he shared a photo of Jaime Garzón:

“Dear Jaime Garzón: The young people complied! They took control of their own country. So far sports… Country Party”wrote the renowned actor.

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