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Santo Stefano, mayor against his group, a minority ready to help

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Santo Stefano, mayor against his group, a minority ready to help

Buzzo, Zandonella and De Bernardin: it is necessary to accept the invitation of common sense. The mayor took a few days off before making a decision


Clamorous turning point in the Municipality of Santo Stefano di Cadore. Mayor Oscar Meneghetti, who would feel disheartened by a part of his majority, has expressed his intention to leave the camp, unless the opposition agrees to support him in the face of the very serious problems of the closure of the gallery and the risk of financial failure. . And the opposition said yes, of course under certain conditions.

It all happened the other night in a tormented city council, in which Meneghetti, a noble accountant, after reading a critical communication against his, indeed part of them, because he would not be fully involved in the political-administrative action, removed the disturbance and left, leaving everyone stunned.

“Considering the strategic institutional role I play”, he said among other things, “and given the inappropriate and disrespectful comments that are addressed by many to my person and the role I cover, from now on I will no longer tolerate institutional rudeness like those seen in the last few days. Here I want to call for respect for roles and institutions ».

Meneghetti reproaches his followers for not even warning him of the meeting in Rome with Anas. And then the surprise: “I would also like to exercise my role, if necessary, by considering a review of the proxies and in the modalities that I will later define with the directors who will become available”.

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But, he concluded, “if I find a lack of confidence in me, he concluded, I reserve the right to evaluate future decisions and initiatives”.

The mayor has taken a few days off, on his return he will check what the intentions of his majority are, but also those of the opposition.

And the response of “R-existere”, with the directors Alessandra Buzzo, Daniele Zandonella and the group leader Roger De Bernardin, was not long in coming. And he actually goes to meet the mayor.

“We consider it necessary to accept the invitation of absolute common sense of the mayor and to give the availability to assume roles of responsibility if he deems it appropriate”, they write in a note.

The opening has matured, explain the minority directors, «after having carefully assessed the situation of serious institutional crisis due to internal disagreements within the majority group; after having assessed the serious impasse on the issue of the Comelico tunnel due to personalities that are creating serious problems in relations with the bodies in charge such as Anas, the Government and the Province; after having considered that for the good of the community of the chief town of Comelico, if the mayor, after having solved the problems with his majority, intends to involve the minority group in a shared institutional working relationship, writing together a working protocol for the next two years (date of end of term) “.

Conditions that do not disavow Meneghetti’s work so far – even if the critical position of the oppositions towards the work of the junta has been clear – and that the mayor, as far as he is concerned, will certainly accept.

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«Our administrative experience can be the engine for a new start for Comelico, remembering that difficult challenges await us in the near future. Comelico Gallery and internal areas are only the first in chronological order ”, add those interested.

It is now a question of verifying whether De Bernardin, Buzzo and Zandonella will be satisfied with external support or whether they will claim a place in the council. It will also be necessary to see what the rest of the majority of the council of Santo Stefano will decide.

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