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Sassari, six accidents in the city in one day

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Sassari, six accidents in the city in one day

The most serious involved a woman in the ninth month of pregnancy. Super work for the rescuers

SASSARI. The toll on Friday 17 in the arteries between the city and the suburbs is six road accidents. The most serious, which caused the rescuers and the person directly concerned to experience moments of apprehension, was the one in which a woman was involved in the ninth month of pregnancy. The accident occurred in via Budapest, at the exit of the city and in the direction of the state road 131. Arriving at the roundabout at via Parigi, the car traveling in front of the woman’s stopped to give way to the cars that were already inside the roundabout and she hit it. Fortunately, apart from the great fear and the damage reported by the vehicles, there was no consequence either for the child or for the mother who was subjected to the necessary checks in the hospital.

Of the other five incidents, two required more demanding interventions. One occurred in Monte Bianchinu, where a 75-year-old man at the wheel of his car fell ill and crashed into another car after skidding. The other in Maccia d’Agliastru: here two cars, a small car and an SUV, were moving in the opposite direction when, due to a probable lane invasion, they collided. The worst was the SUV which, touching the wheel of the other car, suffered a “trampoline effect” and rolled over onto the right side. On the spot, in addition to the local police (who carried out the surveys of all the accidents that occurred yesterday), the firefighters and a 118 ambulance intervened which transported both motorists to the emergency room for checks.

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