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“Sathrapunjab is a dream” – Naibaat

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“Sathrapunjab is a dream” – Naibaat

If the first woman chief minister of Pakistan wants to see her province clean, then there is nothing surprising. Punjab is their home. Women want to keep the house clean and look beautiful. He has issued an order that no garbage should be seen anywhere in the province after one month and has also called for a plan to construct and repair small roads and streets across the province. The system of sanitation in the province, especially the provincial capital, including the big cities, which was established by the government of his uncle Shahbaz Sharif, is a great foundation. It was Maryam Nawaz who said that roads in Lahore are washed with water from tankers and drinking water also comes in tankers in Karachi. Al Bayrak, the Turkish company that kept Lahore clean during Buzdar’s smelly era, was treated badly. After the termination of their contract, police raided the houses of Turkish officials in Lahore at night. They were made to stand on the streets without even being allowed to take extra clothes. Even the keys of the vehicles used by them were taken away. The Turkish Embassy helped him. It was a very vulgar and shameful period.

Let me ask you a question, if you pave the streets and roads without correcting the sewage system, how many days will they last? Second, how can a house be clean and tidy in which a broom is installed but things are scattered in disorder. Encroachment and parking have marred the beauty of every city and every market. Wherever you go from Shah Alami to Ichre, shopkeepers are doing their business outside the shops. The outer parts of the shops are heavily rented out to carts and stall holders, while the verandahs and paths are not owned by the shopkeepers at all. I am not completely opposing the carts and stalls that thousands and millions of families are dependent on them, but there should be some method and regulation for their installation. For example, if there is space in a market, stalls can be set up after notification by the municipality. They have a fixed volume. A space of five or seven feet should be fixed for them so that they do not come beyond it. It is important that it is a crime to set up a cart or park a vehicle where there is no parking space.

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I personally think that no government can make reforms without taking the community along. Like the caretaker chief minister also conducted an operation against encroachments, but everything ended after two weeks. In this regard, a suggestion is made by former Lord Mayor of Lahore Colonel Retired Mubasher Javed that the chief minister conduct local elections. I consider the local bodies as the political power and political army of any chief minister. When I spoke to Colonel Sahib, he gave an example that there were 274 union councils in Lahore and thirteen, thirteen elected officials in each union council. When there was cleaning, these thirteen employees used to clean their respective areas, which was not enough for the sixty or seventy secretaries who were working at that time, they were not even able to issue death and marriage certificates. I know Lahore Deputy Commissioner Rafia Haider as a hard working officer and I have seen her video in which she is washing a footpath after receiving orders from Chief Minister but can bureaucracy do all that. What a political team can do, not at all. I also have an alternative proposal to patronize Youth and Welfare Councils in each area until the local elections are held and provide them with the protection of government regulations to work for the cleanliness and beautification of the areas. We also have thousands of mosques and each mosque has a management committee. This can also be included in the proposed structure of social improvement. The problem is that the workforce of local bodies is treated by the bureaucracy (and elected representatives as well) as their personal employees. Khalid Ahmad Butt, General Secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Lahore, was saying that he was strict while being a part of the local government system, but despite that, he could not make the attendance of more than twenty out of the sixty or seventy salary workers possible. It will have to be linked to a biometric system.

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Another important thing is that the Chief Minister has been elected for five years and not for two, four or six months, she should not go for temporary work. They are saying that if the garbage is removed in a month, their desire is important, but in practice it will be ad hoc. We have to see if all cities have landfill sites. Then I will quote Mubasher Javed that Mehmood Buti’s landfill site is the only site, but there was a capacity to dump 2000 tons of garbage, 6000 tons is being done. The site has been overloaded five to six times and the concrete has cracked. There were plans to generate biogas and electricity from there, but they also fell victim to the bureaucratic policies of the bureaucracy. Now, if the administration hires tractor trucks etc. in towns and cities on the order of the Chief Minister, it will cost billions of rupees. Once the Chief Minister will be shown working but then the filth will reign again because you will not have any permanent system and no permanent monitoring with political will.

If all the cities including Lahore are to be seen clean, then a parking system will have to be made. When Mian Nauman was the head of Parking Company, he used to say that if we are successful in providing parking facility and collecting it, the local government expenses of Lahore can be met only with this income. The Chief Minister should ask for a report that in which areas parking plazas can be constructed immediately and in which places mechanical parking lifters can be installed. Facilitate parking along every road and collect from it otherwise there are mafias on it who have taken stay order on government land, they should be evicted on first priority. They should find out where the thousands of vehicles parked outside the Shiranwala Gate for the wholesale markets of Lahore every day and Rs. If she is able to control these few things, she will get a clean Punjab within a year and a half. I pray for their success.

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