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[Save this photo]How many points can the candidates in the epidemic-free community get for the exam? – China Digital Age

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[Save this photo]How many points can the candidates in the epidemic-free community get for the exam? – China Digital Age

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title:[Save this photo]How many points can the candidates from the epidemic-free community get?
author:China‘s digital age
Date of publication:2022.6.14
Subject classification:Sitting system
CDS Collection:Network discourse hall
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On June 13, Yingbin Community in Yanshi District, Luoyang City, Henan Province issued a “Notice of Recruitment and Reduction of Points”. petition activities in Beijing, provinces, cities, and counties), so candidates whose household registration is in this area can enjoy the preferential policy of dropping 3 points for their first choice in the senior high school entrance examination. This notice once again shocked netizens after the anecdote of the “red code for rights protection depositors”.


Some media found through historical searches that as early as 2019, Nanyang City, Henan Province had implemented the policy of “no visit villages” dropping 5 points to admit candidates. focus on.



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As for the definition of “non-visiting community” or “non-visiting village”, an official document of Nanyang City, Henan Province, “Tanghe County Creates Petitioning and Visiting-Free Village (Community) Implementation Action Law (Trial)” (2019.5.6) wrote:

“Non-visiting” villages (communities) for petitions mainly refer to the administrative villages (communities) villages (residents) who did not go to Beijing, provinces, cities and counties for petitions (including online letters and telegrams) within the year.


After the incident triggered a major online public opinion, some media contacted the Huaixin Sub-district Office of Yanshi District, Luoyang, and a staff member confirmed the existence of this bonus policy. In the end, the Luoyang Yanshi District Education and Sports Bureau issued a note on the afternoon of the 14th, announcing that the implementation of the relevant policy would be stopped.

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The policy of “reduced admission of candidates in non-visiting villages (communities)” is related to education fairness, and many netizens have criticized this as a “joint system” in the new era. However, Weibo quickly artificially reduced the popularity of this topic and opened a corresponding censorship:

Taking the account of @truestoryplan as an example, more than 5,000 netizen comments on a Weibo involving this incident have been “invisible”, and the comment forwarding function has been confiscated.


@Beijing Youth Daily opened a “comment selection” report, and more than 500 netizens’ comments were also unavailable.


Try to search for topics such as “#Luoyangyiwuwangzhongzhongzhengjie can be admitted with a lower score”, “#without petitioning community middle school entrance examination with a lower score”, etc. The comments of netizens under the topic have obviously been cleaned up, and some pages even appear to be unable to display normally” latest comments”.



However, another topic, “#The admission policy for candidates who drop 3 points in the non-visit community has been suspended” has not fully opened the review, and a large number of netizens can still be seen expressing their personal opinions on this matter.


The following are excerpts from the comments of netizens by the editor of China Digital Times:

Quietly paused: A little suggestion: According to the usual action logic, since the red code has been abused, the next step should be to cancel the red code.

Luo Zhiqiu: You guessed wrong. According to the usual logic of action, the next step is to “add points to the high school entrance examination for children in the community without petitioning”.

Nie Xiaojing: In an epidemic-free community, how many points can be added for the college entrance examination?

Ga5minus3: It’s actually true, so I’m taking all the hard-earned money of the sharp people to maintain stability, right?

Magneto Wu: An obedient dog, the master will reward him with bones.

Blue Whale Lychee: This is a good suggestion. In the future, children in unmanned communities will receive 10 points for the college entrance examination, children in no single community will receive 20 points in the college entrance examination, and communities without red codes will receive 30 points.

Forrest Wu: It’s not easy to understand? Invite all residents of the community to do the work of intercepting visits and maintaining stability.

Lonely de Little Witch: Reminds me of a proposal to charge the unemployed to increase the employment rate.

o Lucy o: If one person petitions, the whole community will be given a red code.

Zheng Yun: The underworld forces are rampant. In order to completely block the public opinion channel, they even joined hands with the Education Bureau to suppress it.

How much is a cup of sago: This kind of unreasonable policy has been in place since 2019. Today, it became a hot search and knew it was suspended. I hope it will continue to resume if the popularity is not gone.

Moshang Huabaisi Wuxie: Please pay attention to their words, not cancel, but pause… Can you spare the children?

Nanshan Suren: Shameless to such an extent! Outrageous! ! ! The mouth of defending the people is better than defending the river, the water can carry the boat or capsize it! ! !

Gu Xizhiwu: It’s disgusting, I really want to vomit.

Wei Rui child: It’s not a cancellation, it’s a suspension. I still want to use this to block the mouths of the common people, so that they have nowhere to say if they are wronged, let them endure, and let us all be animals. It’s so good, my great motherland.

Humans can’t live without water: how can it get more and more outrageous every day? It’s already to the point where you don’t want to worry about it, so you use everyone to kill each other, right?

Niuniu vb: One person petitioned, and the whole village was unlucky.

Quick Freezing Chicken Wings_Lv99: Isn’t this mobilizing the parents of candidates to stop petitioning?

Fengqing yuki: Intensifying the contradictions among the people, the officials are awesome.

The era of not speaking: Hello leader, I am a resident of a community in Luoyang City. Can our community get three more points for this year’s high school entrance examination as a “non-visiting community”? My grandson is only 3 points away from the high school entrance examination. If the difference is only given to the Yingbin community and not to our community, our community has negotiated it and appealed as a whole!

There is a kind of loneliness called smile: if you do this, the release is also a joke. Pause is also a joke.

This avatar belongs to: It will save the child’s political review in the future, and directly install a pressure control valve for you in advance. High, our Yan teacher’s policy is really high!

Jiang Zhuoertun: Please delete it immediately, otherwise the red code will wait.

Little Faith_Loa Her Man: The “Certificate of Good People” in the New Era.

The Door to Reincarnation: Isn’t This Prisoner’s Dilemma? All districts should be looking for something to petition, and no one has added points, which is fair.

July 21x: These hogweeds do not solve the problem, and do all these evil ways.

Driving a tractor to welcome autumn 90: The more afraid of petitioning, the more it shows that there is a problem in this area.

Xiao Yongquan: This good-civilian certificate is of great practical value.

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