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Save Vazzola’s friend from drowning: the 14-year-old will be rewarded by two municipalities

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Save Vazzola’s friend from drowning: the 14-year-old will be rewarded by two municipalities

Boys on the pedal boat in the sea (archive)

The municipalities of Vazzola, where the 16-year-old who was rescued lives, and that of San Polo di Piave, where the fourteen-year-old author of the gesture of courage resides, prepare a joint ceremony

VAZZOLA. The fourteen-year-old girl from San Polo di Piave will be publicly thanked and rewarded, who on Saturday afternoon dived into the Jesolo seafront and saved a sixteen-year-old from Vazzola, with a truly unique readiness of spirit. The confirmation comes from the mayor of Vazzola, Giovanni Domenico Zanon, who was impressed and sincerely pleased with the heroic gesture made by the girl from San Polo who, with extreme speed and promptness, rescued a friend of his, who had dived from the pedal boat and had not re-emerged.

This is how the mayor of Vazzola explains: «I learned of the episode that took place on the seafront of Lido di Jesolo, when on Saturday afternoon a fellow citizen of mine was saved by a girl friend of his. I got in touch with the Port Authority of the Venetian coast and I still don’t know the names of the two guys involved. I only know that the savior girl is from San Polo. I got in touch with the mayor of San Polo Nicola Fantuzzi and agreed with him to invite the girl in a joint ceremony, in a venue to be agreed, in order to publicly thank her and reward her for the very noble gesture she made. I am only waiting to be contacted by the parents of the young man from Vazzola and the young woman from San Polo, in order to organize this meeting ».

The episode took place in Lido di Jesolo on Saturday, at Largo Augustus, not far from Piazza Brescia and Piazza Mazzini. A group of guys decided to go offshore with a pedal boat, from which the boy from Vazzola dived. It was after 4 pm when, not seeing him re-emerge, the girl from San Polo dived, saving the 16-year-old, who was still taken to the Jesolo Emergency Department for the investigation of the case. “I heard that the boy is now conscious and fine. I believe that such an act, which the girl has performed, in my opinion must have a sign of recognition. We will organize a very simple meeting, during which there will be the opportunity to express my personal thanks on behalf of the municipal administration and the entire community ».

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