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Sayco Authors in search of the crown at the Vallenato Festival

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Sayco Authors in search of the crown at the Vallenato Festival

Twenty-six composer partners of Sayco will enter the race for the crown of the Unpublished Vallenata Song within the framework of the 57th Festival of the Vallenata Legend, in tribute to the singer Iván Villazón this coming Thursday, May 2, flaunting talent, literary creativity , the wit in the verses and the inspiration as storytellers.

Elbert de Jesús Araújo Daza, Cesar Julio Blanco Ospino, Daniel Celedón Orsini, Armando Alberto Daza Arzuaga, Farid Escobar Pinedo, Jorge Alfonso Gutiérrez Silva, Ricardo Mabel Iguarán Aguilar, Juan Fabio Lagos Montenegro, Eulineo Llinas Barros, Juan Carlos Mantilla García, Aldemiro Martínez Rodríguez, Alberto Mario Polo Sarmiento, Edgar Florentino Rojas Murgas, Everardo Armenta Alonso, Pablo Enrique Baquero Pinto, José Martín Bermúdez Cuello, Armando Calderón García, Eliécer de Jesús Vergara Abad, Fredis Chávez Mier, Guillermo Enrique Espinosa Acevedo, Marcelino Enrique Guerra Maestre, Sabas del Cristo Méndez Salcedo, Desiderio Padilla García, Miguel de Jesús Cujía Villazón, Arnaldo Israel Díaz de la Hoz and Armando Rafael Gil Gamarra will present their 26 unpublished works of the 70 songs selected to compete.

Natives of Valledupar, La Paz, Villanueva, Santa Marta, La Loma, La Jagua de Ibirico, Barranquilla, Montpellier, Fonseca, Sanabalarga, Manaure Balcón del Cesar, Girardot, Corozal, Astrea, Sucre, Sincelejo, Chiriguaná, San Juan del Cesar and Plato, the partners of SAYCO have managed to gather a convocation of fans around this vallenato-loving culture who will burst into applause when listening to the lyrics performed by their favorite authors to the sound of the four airs: puya, son, stroll and merengue.

The unpublished song is defined as one whose literary and musical composition has not been performed publicly, and which in no case has been recorded, according to what was expressed by Cesar Ahumada, Manager of SAYCO who commented that “it is a reason for pride.” “That our partners are a vital part of this contest that exalts Vallenato music and exposes it to the world, bringing to our country a positive vision of the talent that our Colombian authors possess.”

The ‘Pedro Castro Monsalvo’ Fair Coliseum is the setting chosen to begin the first round of the Unpublished Vallenata Song contest starting at 8 am, the second round of the contest will take place at 10:00 am at the Center Unicentro Commercial.

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