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Scala dei Turchi: the raid made by the painter of the terrorist attacks in Milan and Agrigento

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The authors of the damage to the Scala dei Turchi, smeared with a red substance in the night between Friday and Saturday have been identified: they are two offenders from Favara, one is a well-known character in the news, it is Domenico Quaranta, 49 years old, the painter already arrested in 2002 for the terrorist attacks on the Milan Metro and the Valley of the Temples. Now, the offender and his accomplice, Francesco Geraci, have been reported on the loose. The investigation of the Agrigento prosecutor’s office proceeds for the crime of damaging an asset with landscape value. The Carabinieri of Realmonte and colleagues from the Agrigento Company acquired the images of the video surveillance system in the area, the investigations immediately focused on a van, whose license plate number led to the two suspects. At the home of one of them, there were gloves soiled with iron oxide, the substance used for the raid. Iron oxide was also found in the van.

Scala dei Turchi, the previous attack by Domenico Quaranta: in 2002 a gas cylinder in the Milan subway

The prosecutor of Agrigento Luigi Patronaggio explains about Domenico Quaranta: “It is multiple prejudiced with various judicial and police precedents, including another damage action against the Punta Bianca marl. It also appears to have already been subjected to a preventive measure and most recently proposed again, a proposal however rejected by the Court of Palermo, is currently subject to the prohibition of approaching Agrigento ordered by the Police Headquarters “.

Forty had been sentenced to 16 years for bombs in the Temple of Concord in Agrigento and in the Milan subway, between 2001 and 2002. He had also tried to blow up the Agrigento prison by placing a gas cylinder. According to investigators, Quaranta had become a religious fanatic after converting to Islam. In February, the Agrigento prosecutor had asked to apply a preventive measure, but in July the court had rejected, writing: “While revealing a personal profile disrespectful of the rules of civil coexistence and inclined to react to the damage of the police, these are certainly execrable attitudes and which, where they constitute a criminal offense, will find an adequate response in the criminal sanction, but which, from the description provided in the proposal and in the attachments, do not appear to have resulted in an injury to the assets of public safety and tranquility “.

But what’s behind the latest vandal raid? “An attitude of generic and vague protest against the system and the police is assumed – says Patronaggio in a press release – as can be seen on the suspect’s social media pages”.

Scala dei Turchi, the young volunteers beat the vandals

by Stefania Auci

Already on Sunday morning the marl cliff had been cleaned by the volunteers: a gesture of extraordinary civility that was also exalted by the President of the European Parliament, David Sassoli, in one of his last messages before he died of a serious illness.

The marl has turned white again, but Quaranta remains free. Unpredictable character the painter converted to Islam: during his detention, he tried several times to escape. In recent months, however, he damaged some vases on the seafront of San Leone, and smeared the house of Pirandello, the enormous gestures of protest.

Says Colonel Vittorio Stingo, provincial commander of the carabinieri of Agrigento: “The carabinieri intervened immediately to immediately identify the perpetrators of this crime by villains who defaced one of the most important landscape assets of Sicily. The weapon does not give up. the territory in defense of our citizens and natural beauties “.


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