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Scammers try to collect for the housing subsidy in Cali

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Scammers try to collect for the housing subsidy in Cali

The Cali Mayor’s Office issued an alert to the public through its official website, in which it denounced alleged unscrupulous people, who are trying to collect a sum of money in exchange for accessing the benefits of the housing subsidy.

The information went viral through social networks and through WhatsApp broadcast messages.

These massive publications indicate that, if the interested person wishes to enjoy the benefits to acquire a social interest home, they must follow some meticulous steps that include, of course, the payment of a certain amount that must be deposited in a bank account.

official recommendation:

The invitation of the Secretary of Housing and Habitat of the Mayor’s Office of Cali to citizens is to keep in mind that all the procedures to apply for government subsidies are completely free.

This both locally and nationally; Likewise, to carry out these procedures, no intermediaries or deposits are required.

The Prosecutor’s Office warns that, if you receive one of these messages, you, a family member or friend, through your social networks or email, must immediately file a complaint with the authorities.


1. Since last May 25 there is an open call to apply and acquire a new or used housing subsidy of social interest or priority interest, which will not close until June 26 of this year and whose requirements can be consulted through of the official channels of the Mayor’s Office of Santiago de Cali.

2. The Ministry of Housing and Habitat and the Ministry of Housing are developing different strategies to guarantee decent housing, either with housing improvement programs such as Cambia Mi Casa and VIS and VIP subsidy with the Mi Casa Ya program.

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3. In Colombia, about 4.5 million households are in a qualitative deficit, particularly in informal sectors. In fact, they are a priority for the National Government, in such a way that through the “Cambia Mi Casa” program, 100,000 homes will be improved per year, which will imply a total investment of close to 4 billion pesos.


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