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Scandal in Finland over the racist comments of the Deputy Prime Minister

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Scandal in Finland over the racist comments of the Deputy Prime Minister

Finland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, the far-right Riikka Purra, has been accused of posting racist and violent messages on social media in 2008, reports the Helsingin Sanomat newspaper.

The comments were written by the user ‘riikka’ on the blog of Jussi Halla-aho, current speaker of Parliament and former leader of the Finns Party, which currently heads Purra itself. In the messages, ‘riikka’ referred to black people with the offensive word ‘neekerit’ and used racist language against immigrants, some of which contained threats of violence.

“Greetings from Barcelona. There is no ‘alarming immigration problem’ here. ‘Neekerit’ selling pirated Vuittons on Las Ramblas”, wrote ‘riikka’ on August 25, 2008. The date coincides with a visit that the politician made to the Catalan capital to attend a scientific congress, so the hypothesis is well founded that the author of the comment could be Purra.

“Any Nazi in town today who wants to go spit on beggars and beat up black children?” asked ‘riikka’ on July 30, 2008. On September 25 of that same year, in relation to the debate on weapons, that user published: “If they gave me a weapon, there would be deaths on the commuter train.”

On Tuesday, Purra apologized for the “stupid social media comments” he wrote 15 years ago, adding that he is “not a perfect person” and that he has “made mistakes”.

Earlier, Purra posted on her Twitter account: “Sometimes I felt very frustrated and hopeless about certain aspects of immigration in Finland, such as sexual harassment and crimes against women and unequal practices of Islam.” She also added that she may have written “things in an angry and stupid way,” but that her “angry words are nothing more than words.” “I have never accepted nor do I accept any kind of violence,” she concluded.

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However, Finnish Prime Minister Petteri Orpo said on Tuesday that Purra should resign. “I do not accept racism in any of its forms,” ​​Orpo said.

Earlier, Economy Minister Vilhelm Junnila, also from the Finns Party, resigned after just 10 days in office following a series of allegations alleging connections to far-right movements. with RT

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