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Scarmagno, the grocery store reopens: many news

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In via Maestra the sales point is again active and managed by Margherita Frola for 35 years. A 32-year-old from Pavone Canavese takes care of it


“The little emporium”, as it was called, was opened on 4 October by the new owner Sonia Savastano, 32 years old. Who, assisted by her husband Stefano, took over the business managed for over 35 years by Margherita Frola. In doing so, Sonia Savastano avoided the Scarmagnese capital from being without the only grocery, bread and household products shop and also the only newsstand open in the area.

On the first day of opening of the Piccolo emporium, located in the central Via Maestra, near the church square and the Town Hall, Sonia Savastano, originally from Pavone, did not fail to express her satisfaction for being able to start the business in a short time. . “I am happy with all this affection – explained Sonia Savastano -, and I am happy to be able to continue to ensure the Scarmagnesi this food outlet in which we have expanded the offer starting with some local products, such as honey and cheese, which we buy from local suppliers. To help me in the management – added the new owner of the store is my husband Stefano who, in the free hours from his work at the Lidl supermarket in Ivrea, gives me great support in the management of the business, which we took over after two months of coaching with the previous owner during which we were able to evaluate the various aspects of the business ».

Having avoided the risk of complete commercial desertification in Scarmagno, the municipal administration was also able to indirectly breathe a sigh of relief in the aftermath of the early termination of the lease and the closure of the restaurant bar housed in the premises of the Municipality adjacent to the new school and sports facilities in the Scarmagnese capital. Deputy Mayor Pia Gaudino confirmed that, once the previous lease contract was formally concluded, the municipal offices are already working on the preparation of the new tender for the assignment of the structure. –

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