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“Scholarly Society 2023” Public Welfare Reading Program Launched-Entertainment Grand View-Market Information Network

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“Scholarly Society 2023” Public Welfare Reading Program Launched

Market Information Network 2023-06-02 15:57:14 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments:

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, May 31 (Liu Yingying) The “Book Fragrant Society 2023” public reading program was launched in Beijing today. Children from more than 50 primary and secondary schools in the old revolutionary areas in Jiangxi, Shanxi, Hebei, Anhui, Shaanxi and other places received a spiritual food on the occasion of Children’s Day – the excellent youth periodical “Oriental Youth” and the literary periodical “Beijing Literature” .

This event was initiated by the Beijing Literary Periodical Center affiliated to the Beijing Federation of Literary and Art Circles. According to Shi Libin, director of the Beijing Literary Journal Center, the donation aims to promote the construction of a scholarly society, strengthen the supply of high-quality publishing content, optimize the allocation of reading resources at the grassroots level, and do a good job in the reading work of key and special groups in a targeted manner, thereby promoting the nationwide The society has formed a new trend of loving reading, reading good books, and being good at reading.

The plan will continue to build public channels for all walks of life, one special group a year, initiate targeted donations, and support the group’s reading life for a long time. In 2023, the “Scholarly Society” charity reading program will be donated to primary and secondary school students in the old revolutionary base areas. The donated schools are located in well-known red areas such as Jinggangshan in Jiangxi, the Anti-Japanese Base in Hebei, Wuxiang in Shanxi, and Nanniwan in northern Shaanxi.

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Cao Lizhen, teacher representative of the recipient school and deputy secretary of the party branch of Hubian Central Primary School in Ganzhou City, Jiangxi Province, said that good reading habits and rich humanistic vision are an indispensable part of children’s success. The “Scholarly Society 2023” public welfare reading plan A “green channel” has been built for children to get in touch with the most vivid humanistic reading, providing an opportunity for the future hope of the motherland to expand their cultural accomplishment. Zhang Yanxia, ​​a teacher representative of the recipient school and teacher of Shangdian Primary School in Wuxiang County, Changzhi, Shanxi, said in her speech that she will further carry out reading activities in an all-round way in the future, create a book-smelling atmosphere, form a reading craze, and make reading a habit that will accompany teachers and students throughout their lives. The old revolutionary base area, helping teenagers to read” will be passed down. Zhong Qin, a student representative of the recipient school and a fifth-grade student of Hubian Central Primary School in Ganzhou City, said that the stacks of books made her feel the heavy love and expectations of the motherland. She will cherish the gift given today and uphold the old generation of revolutionaries. The glorious tradition of reading for the rise of China.

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