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School, Hope: “We have chosen to protect face-to-face teaching”. Unions convened for Saturday

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The Regions-Government clash over the reopening of schools on Monday 10 January. But the executive is not backward an inch. “The government has chosen to protect the school as much as possible as a fundamental garrison of our community. The address is and remains: school in the presence in safety”. The Minister of Health told Tg1, Roberto Speranza. “We do not want – he added – that the little ones pay the price of this epidemic phase”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education called the school unions on Saturday 8 January, at 10, for information on the new rules for the management of positive cases provided for by the decree approved on 5 January.

De Luca: “There are no minimum safety conditions”

At the head of the row of governors who will not reopen the schools is there Vincenzo De Luca, president of the Campania Region: “On January 10, middle and elementary schools will not reopen, there are no minimum security conditions” and calls into question the Government, guilty, according to him, of not having taken “serious and effective decisions “but of having” lost three months doing nothing “. “We are making fun of Italy”, he accuses.

Musumeci: “So will chaos”

The Sicilian governor is also on a war footing Nello Musumeci: “What we feared is happening regularly. I receive requests from hundreds of mayors and many principals to postpone the resumption of school activities planned by the central government for Monday 10 January. We had anticipated to the minister that with these national rules on the reopening of schools it would be was chaos, it should be remembered that in the yellow zone the Regions do not have autonomy in determining the suspension of school activities. I have just written to President Draghi representing the serious situation of the last few hours “.

The principals: “Insufficient and ineffective measures by the Government”

A point of view also shared by the majority of the principals. “We are forced to ask Dad because some actions promised by the government have not been made”, denounces Cristina Cottarelli, president of the National Association of Presidia of Rome and Lazio. The main problem is that of the tests “we would have expected, given the spread of infections, a capillary and carpet screening on all pupils, to bring back to school only those who are not positive, and this is not happening”, he explains.

Doctors: “Postpone reopening for 15 days”

Doctors also take sides against the decision of the Executive: “The situation is quite critical and in the face of this scenario, given the current spread of the virus, I believe that postponing the opening of schools by 15 days and perhaps extending attendance by two weeks. June may be a common sense decision, “he says Filippo Anelli, president of Fnomceo (National Federation of the Orders of Physicians and Dentists). Sending children to class “is not a calculated risk right now,” he echoes Massimo Andreoni, head of infectious disease at the Tor Vergata Polyclinic in Rome and scientific director of the Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases.

The government goes straight

The government goes straight and has already announced that it intends to challenge the decision of the president of Campania Vincenzo De Luca to keep middle and elementary schools closed. For the appeal, it is explained by Palazzo Chigi, a passage to the Council of Ministers is necessary.


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