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Schoolchildren discovering the hamlets of Ponte nelle Alpi

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Schoolchildren discovering the hamlets of Ponte nelle Alpi

School and hamlets come together to strengthen their bond. There is this behind the project of knowledge of the countries through art and the meeting with the inhabitants that started in Polpet. Project promoted by the “Pertini” middle school in Ponte nelle Alpi: students will have the opportunity to deepen the history of the hamlets thanks to the contribution of the teachers, drawing the most characteristic places and meeting the witnesses of local traditions.

The idea of ​​an education carried out not only inside the classrooms, but in the community as a whole, was born in particular after the two years of the pandemic: this is underlined by the municipal administration, noting the investment aimed at the education sectors and the social sector. And it supports innovative and pilot projects in the school sector: “It is essential to involve associations, local authorities and the entire territory of reference in education,” says Mayor Paolo Vendramini. “Because the growth of young people is not only the responsibility of the school: it must embrace the community”.

The bakery oven turned back on for schoolchildren

Thus, for the first stage of the project, the representatives of the fractional committee of Polpet welcomed the young students and, for the occasion, they revived the ancient bakery ovens. A really important initiative, it is underlined by the municipal administration, destined to be repeated periodically in the towns of the Pontalpine municipality.

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