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Scooters, project in Rome and Milan: the notification arrives against wild parking lots

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Scooters, project in Rome and Milan: the notification arrives against wild parking lots

To counter the phenomenon of the wild parking of scooters on streets and sidewalks of the city, Consumerismo No profit and Dott launch the first world driving education experiment, called “Consumerismo monitor” in Rome and Milan, and which will be operational starting from 26 July in two metropolises, to then be extended to all other cities where the Dott service is present: users of the Dott sharing scooter service who park outside the permitted areas or incorrectly in violation of the Highway Code will receive an “alert” directly on your smartphone via Push notification via the operator’s app. In case of repetition of the incorrect behavior, the second time they will receive a penalty from the operator, but together with a guide to parking and compliance with the rules by means of a dedicated and personalized email. In the event of a third violation, they will be incentivized to attend a compulsory and free driving course organized in the autumn of 2022. The micro-mobility sharing company “Dott”, which has a fleet of over 10,000 scooters throughout Italy.


Consumerismo No Profit and Dott carried out a research from which emerges the identikit of the “typical” user of electric scooters in Rome. Here 60% of those who use electric scooters do so to save time and avoid the chaotic city traffic. A means of transport that is becoming increasingly popular, to the point that 38% of users usually go to work or school aboard a scooter, thus replacing the use of private vehicles.

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The identikit of those who use scooters in Rome

On the basis of the data collected by Consumerismo and Dott, it emerges that the usual users of scooters are mainly men (68% of the total); 34% are aged between 25 and 36, followed by 20% by the 46-55 age group, 17% by the 18-24 age group, but there are also 7% over 55s. 66% of respondents have a university degree, while 29% have a diploma.

Increased use by employees

Employees are those who make greater use of the electric scooter (57% of the sample), while 20% is represented by the student category. electric scooters (60% of respondents); for 31% it is an ecological option, 19% choose them to access restricted areas for cars and motorbikes.

The car remains in the garage

Over 40% of regular users say they have reduced the use of private cars since they have been on a scooter. Regarding the type of use, 38% of users use electric scooters to go to school or work, 16% for shopping or errands, 11% to discover the city.

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