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Sea devours coasts of Mexico. Are these some affected places? – MILLENNIUM

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According to recent reports, the coasts of Mexico are being devoured by the sea due to the sinking of the US East Coast. Several states in Mexico are being affected by this phenomenon, which is causing many coastal areas to disappear beneath the rising waters.

NASA images have revealed that major US cities, including New York, are sinking at an alarming rate. The evidence of this sinking can be seen in satellite images that show the gradual disappearance of these cities into the ocean.

The sinking of the US East Coast is not only having a devastating impact on American cities, but it is also affecting neighboring countries like Mexico. The loss of coastal land in Mexico is causing displacement and economic hardship for many local communities.

It is still unclear what is causing the US East Coast to sink, but experts believe that a combination of factors, including rising sea levels and land subsidence, are to blame. Climate change is also likely playing a significant role in this phenomenon.

As more and more coastal areas in Mexico fall victim to the sea, it is crucial for governments and organizations to take action to mitigate the effects of this sinking. In the meantime, residents of these affected areas must prepare for the possibility of further land loss and displacement in the future.

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