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Search for woman missing for more than 40 years

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Search for woman missing for more than 40 years

Deivys González Redondo has not known for 42 years that it is a hug and kiss from a mother. When she was five years old, her mother disappeared, leaving her and two other brothers.

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Since then he has wanted to know if she is alive and where she is.

This woman, who lives in the second stage of the Garupal neighborhood of Valledupar, said that her mother is identified as Nora Molina Rico, a native of Arjona, Bolívar, where her relatives did not know anything about her either.

He also recounted that it was a day in 1981 when he disappeared. At that time they lived in Barranquilla and after running an errand she collected all her belongings and never returned.

I have always wanted to know who my mother is, if she is alive or dead, my father, may she rest in peace, told us that she collected everything, including her photographs and left, I have no memories of her, but I have dreams in which I do not see her the face, I don’t know if it’s because I don’t remember it or because it’s dead”, said González Redondo, who appreciates any type of accurate information by contacting 313 5045174.

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