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Seats open in 65 municipalities. At 12 noon turnout at 15%

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Seats open in 65 municipalities.  At 12 noon turnout at 15%

Seats open from this morning at 7, and until 23, in 65 Italian municipalities for the ballot round of the 2022 administrative elections. Over 2 million citizens are called to vote in those municipalities where in the first round of 12 June last year there was no managed to elect the new mayor. That is, where no candidate has obtained 50% of the votes plus one to be elected. Here, the two candidates who have obtained the most votes in the first round of elections will compete. At 12, according to the first data from the Interior Ministry, the turnout is just over 15% (15.43%, to be exact). In the first round at the same time the turnout was 17.50%. The polls remain open until 11pm.


Municipalities to vote

To vote, you can go to the polling stations equipped with an electoral card and identity document. As for the first round, the use of the mask for the anti-Covid legislation is not mandatory but remains “strongly recommended”. Among the 65 municipalities in which you vote, thirteen are provincial capitals (Alessandria, Barletta, Como, Cuneo, Frosinone, Gorizia, Lucca, Monza, Parma, Piacenza, Verona and Viterbo) and one also in the region (Catanzaro).

The main challenges

The key challenge will be that of Verona with Damiano Tommasi who for the center-left challenges the outgoing mayor Federico Sboarina, supported by Lega and FdI, but not by Forza Italia. Another prominent ballot is that of Parma, where the former councilor of Pizzarotti, Michele Guerra, supported by the center-left but not by the M5s, meets with Pietro Vignali who, presented by Lega and FI, obtained for the second round of elections the support also of FdI, albeit with some uncertainty. But there are also capitals such as Catanzaro, Gorizia, Cuneo, Piacenza, Lucca, Viterbo to vote.

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How to vote

The seats for the election of the new mayors will be open, as mentioned, from 7 to 23. The ballot will take place immediately after, while in the first round it had to wait until Monday for the concomitant counting of the 5 referendums. In the night, therefore, the results of the challenges will be known. The voter, reminds the Interior Ministry, must be in possession of an electoral card and a suitable identification document. The mask is no longer mandatory but, underlines a note from the Ministry of the Interior, it remains “strongly recommended, for the access of the voters to the polling stations and for the exercise of the right to vote”, at least the surgical one. The vote, as usual, is expressed by drawing a sign on one of the two rectangles containing the name of the chosen candidate for mayor.

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