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Seats set up, tomorrow at the polls over 162,000 from Belluno

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Seats set up, tomorrow at the polls over 162,000 from Belluno

Seats set up. Everything is ready in the province of Belluno for the elections for the renewal of Parliament. 162,288 Belluno citizens are called to vote, of which 79,125 men and 83,163 women. Today the polling stations have been set up, which are 239 throughout the province, and from the Prefecture they communicate that the operations have gone smoothly.

The Municipality with the most seats is Belluno (thirty-four), the voters are 28,440, of which 13,517 are men and 14,923 are women. The smaller one Zoppè di Cadore, where 172 voters are called to the polls (88 men and 84 women)

We vote tomorrow, from 7 to 23 and for the first time even those who have just turned 18 will vote for the Senate. At the polling station it is necessary to present the electoral card and an identity document. Anyone who has lost the card, or has completed it in a previous election, can request a duplicate from the electoral office of their municipality of residence (opening hours 7-23).

The voters will have two ballots in their hands tomorrow: yellow for the Senate and pink for the House. You vote by drawing an X either on the name at the top (the vote is shared proportionally to all the parties that support it) or on one of the symbols, and in that case the vote goes only to that party and to the uninominal candidate.

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