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Sebastian Galassi was the name of the dead rider. Strike of the trade unions. Nardella: “Abominable”

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Sebastian Galassi was the name of the dead rider.  Strike of the trade unions.  Nardella: “Abominable”

He was traveling on his scooter in via De Nicola in the Rovezzano area, on Saturday evening around 9.30 pm, when he was killed in a crash into a Land Rover. A very violent impact, which left him no way out. Another rider lost his life on the streets of Florence, hit by a car while he was making deliveries.

Rider run over and killed while crossing the road

He, a 26-year-old Florentine boy, Sebastian Galassi, immediately appeared in critical condition and a few hours later his heart stopped beating.

Romulo’s death is a tragedy we work for the rights of riders

by Alessandra Nardini

Investigations are now underway to ascertain the causes and responsibilities of the accident: municipal police officers intervened on the spot, who made the findings and collected testimonies to obtain an initial reconstruction. A file was opened in the prosecutor’s office: in addition to the seizure of the vehicles involved, the public prosecutor Fedele La Terza ordered an autopsy.

The boy’s “pain and closeness to the family” are expressed by the CGIL, which announces a 24-hour strike for the Florentine riders for Wednesday 5 October. “Another unacceptable death, in a sector where safety at work is still too often a right to be conquered, just as decent wages and rights are often a chimera, within a system that pushes productivity to the detriment of safeguards – write in a note Filcams Cgil Firenze, Filt Cgil Firenze and Nidil Cgil Firenze- It is time for companies to do their part and contribute to correcting the distortions of the mechanisms of the sector, and politics must also intervene with concrete measures to improve conditions of the riders “.

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On the incident, the mayor of Florence Dario Nardella has released a post on FB. “Last night – he wrote – a tragedy took place in the city. A young rider of 26 was hit by a car while traveling on a scooter to make a delivery. The investigations will clarify the dynamics of the accident and the responsibilities, but meanwhile, we have a desperate family and a grieving community.
It is the umpteenth crash at work, but what makes the most anger is the umpteenth rider who died while racing to meet the delivery times. Like Willy in Livorno, Roman Emiliano sul Terragno, Romulo in Montecatini “.

In Montecatini collected over 10 thousand euros for the rider overwhelmed by the car

by Andrea Bulleri

“Zero protections, unsustainable rhythms, few rights. For years in Florence we have been fighting for the dignity of all workers and riders in particular – continues Nardella -. Launch yourself by bike or motorbike in the streets of our cities to deliver millions of meals because an algorithm pushes them to run more and more to earn 600 euros a month. They have to hurry if they want to earn. A race against time to satisfy the customer. A race for a few euros. A race that costs their life “.

Rider invested in Piazza delle Cure, five days of prognosis

by Andrea Bulleri

“All this is abominable – concludes Nardella – The world of delivery makes great margins on workers, consumers and restaurateurs. It must be better regulated. The newly installed Parliament immediately approves a rule to protect these” new “jobs and these young people by regulating this consumption system in a simple and effective way. You demonstrate that you care about the value of work, social relations, life “.

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