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Sebastián Yatra told why no relationship has lasted

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Sebastián Yatra told why no relationship has lasted

Since the end of last year, Sebastián Yatra became one of the most coveted bachelors in entertainment. At 29 years old, the singer has already been without a partner for more than three months. His last girlfriends were personalities as well-known as him, and love seemed to spring up, but things didn’t work out in the end.

In November 2023, Aitana and the Antioquian decided to end their relationship. According to what he told the press, “at this moment we are both single, we are each living our own path, but I love her very much and we lived a very beautiful story this year.”

It was difficult for her and she made it known on stage at a concert she held in the Colombian capital. “Today emotionally I am not well. It’s okay, because there are days when I’m not well and there are days when I’m better. But what remains in my heart is being here with you in Bogotá,” she expressed.

With what happened, the couple did not last a year of dating and the countryman recently commented that, although he did love her very much, it is difficult for him to sustain a relationship for much longer than that. He even opened his heart and said why.

“My friend Jesús Quintero said: ‘I believe in real people, those who don’t have filters and take off their masks.’ And I couldn’t agree more. That’s why my first guest had to be him, Sebastián Yatra,” said Spanish Vicky Martín when introducing him on her podcast.

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In the conversation, the subject of the Colombian’s romantic life was touched on, to which he responded that “my maximum relationship has been one year, but it happens to me that I say if I have a relationship for longer, I don’t know how I can endure it.” because it would make me want to be unfaithful, even if I am in love with someone.”

He also indicated that although he celebrates love, he is in a personal time in which he does not want to be so conservative, but prefers that he can express his romantic feelings openly, far from common commitment. “At this moment in my life, with the type of life I have, I have a more open way of thinking about it and I don’t see it as crazy to have at some point in my life a more open relationship than what we are used to,” he added.

In the same way, the vocalist pointed out that sometimes he feels that being in a closed and conventional relationship deprives him in some aspects. “You are in a relationship and you start to limit yourself a lot, you party less to avoid liking someone,” he continued saying.

The journalist also asked him about the rumors that the Vagabundo interpreter would actually be attracted to men. However, this was directly denied by himself in the conversation. “I like girls, but I feel that if I liked men, I would perfectly live it openly and relaxed,” he explained.

On the other hand, in an interview with GQ, the native of Medellín had referred to his breakup with Martina Stoessel, who was his partner before the Spanish singer. “You get used to people and things and when you don’t have them in your life you feel like you’re alone. Many times, changes hurt. When a relationship of this type becomes so big, it is exciting, because it is like a romantic movie and you are the protagonist. But you also see that you are just part of that story. I was somewhat immature and I was not at the right time for that. “I felt like I was losing my individuality,” he stated.

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He acknowledged that he was judged because they believed that he had cheated on Tini with Danna Paola, so he added that “however, I think that today there are still people who think that I was with her. […] I became the villain of the movie, for no apparent reason. “I received a lot of criticism.” With Infobae

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