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Second version of ExpoComfacesar exceeded 6,000 visitors

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Second version of ExpoComfacesar exceeded 6,000 visitors

More than six thousand people attended the second version of the ExpoComfacesar fair, held on Saturday at the facilities of the Rodolfo Campo Soto school, in Valledupar, according to preliminary data from the Cesar Family Compensation Fund. Around 200 exhibitors They exhibited and marketed a wide variety of products and services within the pavilions health and beauty; entrepreneurship; employability; gastronomic and institutional services.


THE PYLON spoke with several merchants during the event, including the chef Andrés Lópezwho has more than 5 years of experience in the culinary sector and participated with his preparation of Caesarean rice atollado.

“We transform it to a gourmet level, we make things tastier. The atollado rice is traditional and has everything that was left in the refrigerator from the weekwhat we do is grab the best products: pork loin, chicken breast, grilled cheese, premium chorizo and we add them to a base of vegetables in red wine sauce and coconut rice with soy sauce,” López explained about the preparation.

Andrés López Kitchen. /PHOTO: EL PILÓN.

This was Andrés López’s first time in the fair’s kitchen, where he managed to reach a large number of diners and people interested in preparations for all types of events. “Valledupar has one of the best cuisines in Colombia, and I think the world does not know it yet,” added the young businessman.


‘Morales’ was another of the ventures of the gastronomic pavilion with its specialty of corn arepas with cheese, skewers and cobs. José Carlos Morales, the owner, said that this business was born 2 years ago.

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“We try to innovate with this type of products, making them with higher quality and better flavor, trying to ensure that the customer always comes back because the product they tried left them very satisfied,” said Morales, who took around 500 pinchos and 600 arepas.

‘Morales’, food business, during the fair. /PHOTO: EL PILÓN.

In the last edition of ExpoComfacesar, held in August 2023, Morales reached vIncome approximated to $4,000,000 and expressed his hope that this year would go better. Until the closing of this edition there was no consolidation from Comfacesar of total sales during the event.


Yoleidis Tatiana Parra Londoñoowner, designer and manufacturer of the sportswear brand ‘Sensus’, whose meaning is ‘sense’, He also participated in this commercial showcase.

Yoleidis Parra, owner of the virtual store ‘Sensus’, said that she started it a year ago. /PHOTO: EL PILÓN.

“Sensus was born out of necessity, I lost my job, but for the glory of God Sensus arrived. The material we use is super affordable and the quality is perfect for training, I train and I saw the need of all those people who do not have a fit body and that is why We handle all sizes: from XS to XXXL”, declared Parra.


One of the attendees at the event, which took place from 6 am to 10 pm, was Katherine Vargas, lawyer and social activist. The 26-year-old girl praised the work of Comfacesar with this activity that promotes socioeconomic development from the Department.
“I thought it was an excellent day, dynamic, very organized, In fact, I saw the participation of many young people making their ventures visible, Some brands managed to have total sales of their products. It also had the presence of some influencers or content creators to help the businesses to reach new people through different digital platforms”Vargas stated.

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THE PYLON He also spoke with Octavio Pico, executive director of the Federation of Merchants (Fenalco) at Cesar, an institution that also presented its offer to accompany the training of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs.

“These scenarios are necessary for entrepreneurs to dare to attend fair events, It is not that simple, but also so that the institutions that we have come to support, the Chamber of Commerce and Fenalco, Let us understand the individual world of those who are here.”stated Pico Malaver.

“Informality is a burden that is put on the economy because there are some who contribute and others do not. However, you cannot demonize everyone who dares because it is informal, you have to train them, accompany them and when they make the decision to be formal, they must have knowledge of their rights and duties, one of them is to pay taxes,” said Octavio Pico. , director of Fenalco Cesar. /PHOTO: EL PILÓN.

According to the union leader, Fenalco accompanies entrepreneurs in the formulation of businessesthe design of marketing strategies, the search for alternatives to improve the sales system and presenting them to the financial sector.
“Entrepreneurship is not just about manufacturing things, although it is very important, but it must be accompanied by marketing, advertising and the financial component. If we do not bring these people the institutional offer of the State, this does not work, It’s a holistic issue.“Here it’s up to all of us to put our teeth into it,” he pointed out.

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By Andrea Guerra / EL PILÓN.


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