Home News Security measure issued for John Poulos for the crime of femicide

Security measure issued for John Poulos for the crime of femicide

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Security measure issued for John Poulos for the crime of femicide

The hearing for an insurance measure against the American lasted two days. Its duration was due in part to the resignation of the defense attorney for the alleged femicide and the delegated translator, which extended the court day. However, this Thursday, February 2, the 59th municipal judge of Bogotá, issued an arrest warrant against John Poulos.

After listening to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation who presented strong evidence against the accused, the lawyer for the family victims of Valentina Trespalacios and the defendant’s defense attorney, the decision was to send the American to jail. John Pulos will have to follow the trial stopped.

The Constitutional Court, in judgment C-531 of 2016, stated the following: “Due to the foregoing, in the grounds of this sentence, it has been collected and must now be emphasized that the death of a woman was carried out because of her condition of being, when there is a background of subjugation and domination of the victims. That it arises as a manifestation of a reality based on historical patterns of discrimination, product of the use of negative gender stereotypes, there may be antecedent situations of physical or sexual abuse.the judge assured.

With the measure, it is sought that John Poulos does not leave the country and protect women. The defendant’s lawyer asked that the foreigner not be sent to an ordinary prison for fear of his safety.

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