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See the new automobile tax payment dates

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See the new automobile tax payment dates

The dates for the payment of the automobile tax during the validity of the year have already been defined by the Government of Valle 2023 in the department.

By announcing the three dates according to the vehicle license plate, the departmental government invited their owners to pay their contribution on time.

This is how the deadlines expire in April, May and June.

The manager of the Departmental Revenue Unit, Ney Hernando Muñoz, recalled that “these deadlines are so that the people of Valle del Cauca can pay the tax without penalties or interest.”

The tribute may be paid on the stipulated dates by all vehicles that have been registered in the Valley.

The dates

In this way, the dates were stipulated so that vehicles with license plates between 000 and 333 have a term to pay the tax until April 28, 2023.

Those with plates between 334 and 666, until May 31.

And those with license plates 667 to 999, along with motorcycles with a cylinder capacity greater than 125 cubic centimeters, until June 30.

Payment of the Automotive Tax can be made on the first floor of the Valle Governor’s Office or through the virtual platform: www.vehiculosvalle.com.co, where the suggested payment can be made.

All the financial entities of Grupo Aval, Bancoomeva and Davivienda are also authorized; and virtually the PSE online payment button.


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