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Seeking refinement, accuracy, detail and solidity – optimizing and refining the precise prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic in many places | Epidemic_Sina Finance_Sina.com

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Seeking refinement, accuracy, detail and solidity – optimizing and refining the precise prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic in many places | Epidemic_Sina Finance_Sina.com

Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 29th Topic: Refinement, Accuracy, Accuracy and Solidity——Optimize and refine the precise prevention and control measures of the new crown epidemic in multiple places

Xinhua News Agency reporter

Constantly adapting to the new characteristics of the new coronavirus mutation and the new situation of epidemic prevention and control, and scientifically and accurately optimizing and refining prevention and control measures are the must-answer questions in this tough battle. All localities have implemented the spirit of the meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee chaired by General Secretary Xi Jinping on November 10, and issued corresponding measures in accordance with the ninth edition of the epidemic prevention and control plan and the requirements of the 20 optimization measures on nucleic acid testing and risk area control. Strive to improve the level of scientific and precise prevention and control.

  Make nucleic acid detection more targeted

Nucleic acid testing is an important means of early detection of the epidemic, but is it necessary for all employees to do nucleic acid testing every day? Does everyone have to attend?

After the introduction of the 20 optimization measures, the Comprehensive Group of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council announced on November 21 four documents including the “Implementation Measures for Nucleic Acid Detection of New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control”, which clearly stated that on the basis of epidemiological investigations, according to the epidemic situation The size of the population in the area of ​​occurrence, whether the source of infection is clear, whether there is a risk of community transmission, and whether the transmission chain is clear and other factors are comprehensively studied and judged. According to the degree of risk and the principle of classification, the scope, frequency and sequence of the tested population are determined.

Recently, in the nucleic acid testing announcements issued by Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places, there have been new changes in the scope of testing objects.

In the nucleic acid testing of all employees in some districts, Guangzhou explores exempting certain groups of people from testing, such as the elderly who have been at home for a long time, students who take online classes every day, and those who have no social activities such as home office workers. If there is no need to go out, they do not need to participate in nucleic acid screening. , reduce the risk of crowd infection, and save the city’s nucleic acid resources.

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Chongqing made it clear that “epidemic-free communities” and “epidemic-free communities” will not participate in the recent three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff. Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, said at a press conference on November 26, “Streets and towns that have not had positive results in the past 5 days, and communities and communities that have not had positive results in the past 5 days among the streets and towns that have positive results, do not need to participate. This time the nucleic acid test for all staff.”

Zhengzhou and other places proposed to scientifically and accurately delineate high-risk areas, stop centralized nucleic acid screening in other areas except high-risk areas, and resume low-risk area management.

In order to improve the efficiency of nucleic acid sampling and minimize the risk of cross-infection, residents in the Kangbashi District of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, promoted self-collection of nucleic acid by residents, and the community distributed nucleic acid test tubes. After residents took samples, community workers came to collect the test tubes. , the staff also distributed nucleic acid sampling swabs, residents themselves took samples, and the staff collected the swabs and sealed the test tubes.

In Muye District, Xinxiang, Henan Province, 300 self-service sampling equipment were invested locally, which were set up in crowded places such as shopping malls, enterprises, supermarkets, schools, etc. Residents self-sampled and collected as they went.

  Make the risk zone delineation more precise

Only by controlling the key risks that should be controlled, implementing the measures that should be implemented, and resolutely canceling the ones that should be cancelled, can we make full use of existing resources to improve the efficiency of prevention and control.

In the recent epidemic prevention and control, all localities are following the requirements of precise prevention and control, pinpointing high-risk areas to buildings and units, so as to avoid sealing the entire community once a case occurs.

In a community in Xicheng District, Beijing, the reporter noticed that, except for a few buildings surrounded by safety isolation warning tapes, other buildings and areas in the community can pass freely.

Beijing held a press conference on November 27 to emphasize that when the risk of epidemic transmission is unclear or there is widespread community transmission, the scope of high-risk areas can be appropriately expanded after strict assessment. At the same time, for those who meet the unblocking conditions, “should be fully resolved”.

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Residents of Huachao Phase I Community in Cuiyun Street, Liangjiang New District, Chongqing recently learned that the community has established a “epidemic-free community”. According to the latest regulations, “plague-free communities” may not carry out nucleic acid testing for the time being.

The relevant person in charge of the community prevention and control team of Liangjiang New District stated that there were no new positive persons in the high-risk area for 5 consecutive days, and it can be reduced to a low-risk area after expert research and judgment. If no new positive persons are found in the low-risk area for 5 consecutive days, a “disease-free community” can be established.

Kunming dynamically adjusts the risk level and control measures. High-risk areas implement closure measures. During the closure period, new infected persons are discovered. The local joint prevention and control mechanism organizes risk research and judgment. All or part of the area will be extended for the lockdown period.

Experts from the Comprehensive Team of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council said that the scientific delineation of risk areas has pointed out the direction and provided guidelines for epidemic prevention and control. All localities must strictly follow the management and control requirements of risk areas, and effectively improve the scientific, precise and standardized level of epidemic prevention and control.

  Let prevention and control measures keep up with changes in the epidemic situation in a timely manner

“I’ve put your courier in the material buffer zone, remember to pick it up.” At the gate of a community on Renmin Road, Hohhot, courier Erden Mengke put several packages in the designated courier material buffer zone of the community, ready Send the next shipment.

Hohhot continuously adjusts its epidemic prevention and control policies: on November 6, business units involved in the distribution of daily necessities such as supermarkets and convenience stores along the street in some areas gradually resumed operations in an orderly manner; on November 10, some bus lines were successively opened and the subway resumed Line 1 and Line 2 are in operation; on November 12, the control measures for high and low risk areas will be adjusted…

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In Ruili City Industrial Park, Dehong Dai and Jingpo Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province, workers are rushing to produce and assemble products, and the machines in the park are roaring. Tan Min, Director of the Office of the Industry (Management) Committee of the Ruili City Industrial Park, said that there are currently 28 enterprises in the park.

At present, in combination with the actual situation, many places have accurately grasped policy changes, continuously optimized and adjusted prevention and control measures according to the time and situation, and promoted the orderly recovery of normal production and life of the masses.

Guangzhou City has carried out the evacuation of people in risky areas in an orderly manner, and tried its best to meet the willingness of people in risky areas to evacuate; Urumqi gave priority to the opening of public service business establishments in low-risk areas that are closely related to residents’ lives. Residents can take a car to the jurisdiction from November 29 Shopping and doing errands in inner low-risk areas; Wuhan City fully implements the “site code” for epidemic prevention and control to ensure the safe and orderly flow of personnel…

On November 15, the third grade of ordinary senior high schools in Baotou City resumed offline teaching and returned to school in an orderly manner.

After receiving the notice of class resumption, schools in Baotou City actively made relevant preparations. Baotou No. 1 Middle School immediately formulated a plan for returning to school and resuming classes, counted the risk level of the epidemic situation where teachers and students are located, found out the teachers, students and employees who could not return to school, and carried out a comprehensive disinfection of the campus environment to ensure the meals and accommodation of more than 800 people in the school. need. While making every effort to ensure that students who return to school resume classes, each school has also made careful arrangements for students who cannot return to school temporarily, such as installing live broadcast equipment in classrooms to ensure that students outside the school will not miss classes.

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