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Seminar “Organizational nudging to improve the performance of the PA”

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Seminar “Organizational nudging to improve the performance of the PA”

Il April 5th the seminar will take place Organizational nudging to improve the performance of the PA, dedicated to the topic of using kind behaviors and knowledge from cognitive and behavioral sciences to improve the well-being and work performance of public administration employees.

Among others, there will be Alberto Bonisoli, President of Formez PA e Claudia Best, Director of Performance and Public Value of Formez PA.

This meeting hinges on a two-year accompanying and experimental work for the definition of the levels of the OCB – Organizational Citizen Behavior in favor of the administrations and which has led ICE, ENEA, the Revenue Agency, ASI, INAPP to implement some organizational nudges .

The meeting will be held in the Giannini hall of Palazzo Vidoni in Rome.

The seminar is reserved for directors and senior officials of the personnel of Ministries and Central PAs, Regions, Local Authorities and Municipalities.

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The activities described and the meeting are part of the project “Participation of citizens and users in the process of measuring organizational performance and enhancing individual performance as a human resource management tool” (Agreement between the Department of Public Administration and Formez PA of 27 December 2019).

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