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SENA Regional Casanare will report on December 4 – news

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SENA Regional Casanare will report on December 4 – news

The Casanare Health Secretariat, in coordination with the Támara Municipal Risk Management Committee, held an Analysis Room in response to the dengue outbreak situation in this municipality.

“Taking into account circular No. 13 of the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, municipalities that are outside the upper limit for three or more epidemiological weeks, that is, in the epidemic zone, enter a type 1 outbreak, as is the case of the municipality of Támara, who has been there since week 43, 44 and 45,” explained the program’s representative Rodrigo Aldana.

Regarding the number of cases reported in the municipality, in week No. 45 Támara has reported 17 infections, of which 10 (59%) are classified as dengue with alarm signs, 5 (29%) without alarm signs and 2 (12%) severe dengue. 90% of patients with warning signs were hospitalized and all patients with severe dengue required management in the Intensive Care Unit – ICU.

Likewise, in the neighborhoods where cases of severe dengue have occurred, the Municipal Administration has already carried out the epidemiological fences in coordination with the departmental ETV group, who will continue working jointly to intervene in all the homes in the affected sectors.

Likewise, monitoring is being carried out on the homes that were identified with the presence of the vector and those for which entry was not possible on the first visit.

Therefore, health authorities invite the community to be attentive to visits by health personnel and allow entry to their homes.

Source: Casanare Governorate

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