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Senate bans child marriage in Mexico

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Senate bans child marriage in Mexico

With 76 votes in favor, the full Senate approved a reform to the Constitution to prohibit child marriage in indigenous communities.

The changes to article 2 of the Magna Carta establish that the uses and customs of a community will not be above the best interest of children.

In order to protect and guarantee the best interests of children in indigenous communities, the Plenary Session of the Mexican Senate endorsed a constitutional reform to guarantee their human rights.

“This Constitution recognizes and guarantees the right of indigenous peoples and communities to self-determination and, consequently, the autonomy to apply their own regulatory systems in the regulation and solution of their internal conflicts, subject to the general principles of this Constitution. Constitution, respecting individual guarantees, human rights and, in a relevant manner, the dignity and integrity of women and the best interests of girls, boys and adolescents, without any practice to the contrary being justified by the exercise of their uses and customs.” , points out the recently approved wording of article 2.

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And in a fact that has rarely occurred in the LXIV and LXV legislature, all parliamentary groups unanimously approved the changes, so it is expected that the Lower House will also support the reform so that, later, it will be the local Congresses who Take the last step to make the change to the rules federal.

In this context, Senator Geovanna Bañuelos de la Torre (Labor Party) indicated that in the state of Guerrero alone 300,000 girls are “sold and forced to become pregnant and marry their rapists.”

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On the other hand, the member of the National Action Party (PAN) bench, Josefina Vázquez Mota, regretted the customs that have been permeated over decades and centuries that affect girls and women, which is why she highlighted that it is of a crime that must be punished.

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