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Senator Granato without Green Pass at Palazzo Madama: works suspended

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Works suspended at the Constitutional Affairs Commission of the Senate: the senator of Alternativa C’e, Laura Granato, entered Palazzo Madama, seat of the Senate, refusing to show her green pass and went to the room where the commission meets. The president Dario Parrini has suspended the works.

“In order to enter the commission and illustrate the amendments to the decree that governs the obligation to green pass, I am asked for a certificate of obedience to a provision that I am going to contest,” commented the senator. «I entered Palazzo Madama even without having shown the certificate – he explains – also because there is an invitation not to enter the Chamber without a Green Pass, not the obligation. Among other things, we find ourselves in the presence of a government provision that comes to dictate a discipline to Parliament, practically enters our house. Every balance between powers has been blown, we are in a full-blown dictatorship, in the silence of the judiciary and the press. I am thrilled “, concluded Granato,” but I will give my testimony to the end “

The Senate Presidency Council has examined the case and established that senators who refuse to exhibit the Green Pass will no longer be able to enter Palazzo Madama and the adjacent buildings belonging to the Senate. The senator has been sanctioned, she will not be able to participate in parliamentary work for 10 days.

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