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Sentenced to more than 39 years in prison for the murder of her mother – news

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Sentenced to more than 39 years in prison for the murder of her mother – news

The forcefulness of the evidentiary material collected by the Prosecutor’s Office allowed a judge to sentence Verónica Kilby Garzón to 39 years and 9 months in prison, for being the perpetrator of the murder of her mother, and the prosecution of three other people who also participated in the crime. murder.

The crime took place on July 5, 2017, on a public road in the Mi Llanura neighborhood, in the south east of Villavicencio (Meta).

According to the investigation, the woman had fled her own home after being attacked by her son-in-law, due to her refusal to sell her properties.

Subsequently, the victim was summoned by his daughter on the day of the events in a shopping center, and after leaving there a hitman shot him several times while waiting for public transportation.

The murderer was caught in flagrante delicto with the firearm by agents of the National Police present in the sector, while the 61-year-old woman died due to the severity of her injuries at the health center in the El Recreo neighborhood, where She was taken to receive medical assistance.

The investigation established that his daughter and son-in-law had hired the hitman who ended the victim’s life, with the intention of seizing his assets that included a farm, a car and livestock.

Likewise, after her death, the 34-year-old daughter benefited from more than 20 million pesos from life insurance that her mother had in her name.

Garzón was captured and charged in October 2018 for these events and was initially detained at her home due to her being 6 months pregnant. However, now the woman will have to serve her sentence in a prison.

Three other people who would be related to the homicide, including the victim’s son-in-law and the hitman who killed her, are on trial.

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Source: Attorney General’s Office

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