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Serious deterioration of the new work of the Acandí hospital

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The mayor of Acandí, Alexander Murillo Robledo, made a call to the national and departmental governments in relation to the construction of the local hospital Lascario Barbosa.

This work began in 2016 and was suspended for more than six months by the contractor, the Temporary Union HLAA, when it was reported that it was 94 percent complete. Today what has been built is abandoned, it does not even have a watchman and day after day the humidity, weeds, broken glass, damaged doors and ceilings, and general deterioration increase. A real detriment to public heritage, a property that threatens to become another white elephant if prompt and effective measures are not taken.

“The years go by and we sadly see its unfortunate deterioration. I make a call, an SOS for this work so that the chandeliers can enjoy this vital infrastructure”, said Mayor Murillo Robledo.

Since mid-2022, it was reported that there were delays in the execution of this contract due to legal, administrative and financial procedures, and disagreements between the government and the contractor for the purchase of some supplies and adaptations of some areas of the facilities.

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