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Seven days without justice for Lady Beltrán, the cyclist killed by accident in Valledupar

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Seven days without justice for Lady Beltrán, the cyclist killed by accident in Valledupar

Despite the fact that several photographs of the person suspected of having caused the accident have been known, the judicial authorities have not yet provided results on the car accident that left the teacher lifeless Lady Beltran Bermeohit on her bicycle by a vehicle on the road that leads from Valledupar to Río Seco.

Diana María Beltrán said that the Prosecutor’s Office has not advanced in the clarification of the case despite the fact that several days have passed since the event recorded last January 28.

“The case is assigned to the Sectional Prosecutor’s Office 9 and they told us that they were in the investigation stage. However, this makes us enough restlessness Being a case of urgent requirement, the witnesses speak of an alleged state of intoxication (of the driver) that can no longer be verified. We ask for speed in the case”, Beltran said.

The victim’s sister came from Bogota to the capital of Cesar where he was able to meet with officials from the Municipal Mayor’s Office, the National Police and representatives of cyclist groups.

I want to thank the groups of cyclists from Bogotá and Valledupar who have been very attentive and supportive of Lady’s case, who is a victim of many more in the country.” added Diana María Beltrán.

Julian Martinezsentimental partner of the cyclist, for his part, recalled that Lady Beltrán was passionate about cycling and had the security tools.

“LThe bicycle for her became an emotional entry and exit, depending on the same state the bicycle healed her. I think that’s what cycling does with us, whether we are non-professionals, whether we are amateurs or not, or just fans, It is a sport that is done with the heartthat’s how I saw her, she used the cycle as that weapon in the social struggle in search of the benefit of women ”, Martinez expressed.

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THE PYLON confirmed by judicial sources that the Prosecutor’s Office is in the process of fully identifying and individualizing the alleged driver of the vehicle. In addition, to establish what was the dynamics of the accident.

The suspect is a man who apparently resides in the municipality of San Juan del Cesar.

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