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Seven weeks to rehabilitate the Alóag road

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The MTOP will intervene so that the Constitutional Court rules on the expansion.

The work on kilometer 82 of the Alóag – Santo Domingo road will begin as soon as possible, but the complexity of the work suggests that there will be no vehicular circulation until the second or third week of April.

The Ministry of Transportation and Public Works (MTOP) will deliver a delta bridge to be installed over the Lelia River, a jurisdiction belonging to the Tsáchila province.

It was announced by the representative of this State portfolio, Roberto Luque, who toured the affected place to verify the impact caused by the winter force.

The official said that he has direct instructions from President Daniel Noboa to prioritize the problem registered since Friday, March 1 in this state network.


After several hours of inspections and dialogues, it was resolved that the repair work will be carried out jointly between the National Government and other public institutions.

The Army Corps of Engineers will prepare the technical study to define where the bases and abutments should be built, a process that will take a week.

Subsequently, the Provincial Government of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas will be in charge of carrying out these works, while the MTOP will work on assembling the pieces that make up the delta bridge.

Minister Luque confirmed that quality work will be done to guarantee connectivity in this state network, since the collapsed bridge was very short in length.


People who live in the town center and areas of the rural Alluriquín parish have to make transfers to travel to Santo Domingo, this being the only alternative.

The first bus is in charge of taking them to the tragic point and, later, they walk along a pedestrian path until they catch the unit waiting on the other side of the collapsed bridge.

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“We need urgent help from the authorities, we cannot be without roads because the economy of the entire country is at risk,” said Manuel Balseca.

Alternate routes in poor condition

Transporters use the Las Mercedes – Los Bancos route, but the excess of vehicles generates congestion and the journey to Quito takes up to six hours.

Several problems have arisen as a result of the potholes. Some heavy transport has gotten stuck and traffic is stagnating until a winch arrives.

“It is unbearable to move on this road, first the gaps and now the demand for cars. It is embarrassing to know that we have not been attended to by our authorities,” said Carlos Mendoza, transporter.

On this issue, Roberto Luque acknowledged that the route is deteriorated and, for the moment, it is planned to carry out provisional patching until definitive solutions are applied.

Prefect Johana Núñez referred to other alternative routes, such as La Florida, and noted that maintenance work has been carried out, which will be replicated, recognizing that the weight of the vehicles will once again damage the road. (J.D.)

Zero Parallel The Minister of Transportation also referred to this problem in the state network that connects the canton of La Concordia with Manabí and pointed out that the Bailey bridge will arrive in a short time to be installed in the place where the asphalt table collapsed. THE DATA The cantonal COE requested that the concession of the Alóag – Santo Domingo return to the MTOP.

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