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Several communities in Huangyuan County, Xining City implement closed management and static management in two places_Resident_Bayan Township_Nucleic Acid

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Original title: Multiple communities in Huangyuan County, Xining City implement closed management and static management in two places

The Xining City New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Headquarters announced on the 7th that on May 6, 2022, a positive infection of the new coronary pneumonia nucleic acid test was found in Huangyuan County, Xining City. According to the relevant provisions of the joint prevention and control mechanism of the State Council, after comprehensive evaluation and judgment, the key areas such as the Greenland County Community in Chengxi District, Shitong International Community, Huining Road Yangjiazhai Resettlement Community and other key areas where the infected person lived and passed were closed and managed. . The announcement is as follows.

1. For the Greenland County Community, Shitong International Community, Huining Road Yangjiazhai Resettlement Community in Chengxi District, area closure, centralized isolation of personnel, and final sterilization of the site will be implemented.

2. Residents in closed areas should conduct closed management in accordance with the principle of “area closed, stay at home, and service door-to-door”, implement personnel only in and out, uniform and standardized management of living materials and vehicles, and residents strictly stay at home and stay at home.

3. Residents who do go out due to emergency medical treatment or other reasons must be reviewed and registered by the community, and then a special car will be arranged to take personal protection throughout the process and implement comprehensive closed-loop management.

Chengguan Town and Bayan Township, Huangyuan County, Xining City will implement static management from 0:00 on the 7th

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From 0:00 on May 7, 2022 (the release time will be notified separately), static management will be implemented in Chengguan Town and Bayan Township, Huangyuan County, Xining City, Qinghai. The relevant requirements are now announced as follows:

1. Residents of Chengguan Town and Bayan Township in Huangyuan County should strictly abide by the static management regulations. Except for special needs such as nucleic acid testing and medical treatment, they should not go out, gather, or enter public places (public areas) unless necessary. Each community (village) should reasonably arrange the time for residents to go out for purchases, guide residents to purchase daily necessities at different peak times, and arrange one person to go out to purchase once every two days, and residents should not spend more than 2 hours each time they go out to purchase.

2. Residents in the jurisdiction should do personal protection, participate in regional nucleic acid testing at the specified time, wear masks correctly before going out for nucleic acid testing, keep a distance of more than 2 meters when queuing, and return as soon as possible after nucleic acid testing, without gathering or flowing.

3. Urban operation guarantee industries such as water, electricity and heating, enterprises that need continuous production, and supermarkets, convenience stores, farmers markets, pharmacies, medical care facilities that meet the basic needs of residents as determined by county commerce, market supervision, and health departments Outside the institution, all business premises will be closed and put up with seals. Places that are allowed to operate should extend their business hours in a timely manner. During the business period, strictly implement measures such as ventilation and disinfection, scanning “double code”, temperature measurement, wearing masks, making appointments, shifting peak hours, and limiting current. Stores with small spaces should prevent people from entering the store.

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4. Carry out 24-hour inspections on the implementation of static management measures, implement full coverage of streets, communities, buildings, units and various stores, and severely crack down on unauthorized movement, private use of cars, and private travel during the static management period. Relevant personnel required by the management will be strictly investigated and punished in accordance with laws and regulations, and those who constitute a crime will be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.

5. Employees of enterprises and institutions that protect people’s livelihood, personnel and volunteers of government agencies, enterprises and institutions participating in epidemic prevention and control, and public security officers must hold valid certificates and negative nucleic acid certificates, scan codes, and take temperature measurements before entering and exiting the checkpoint. Other personnel are not allowed to enter or exit. bayonet.

6. In the static management area, the operation of public transportation, taxis and online car-hailing shall be suspended. Vehicles related to epidemic prevention and control, emergency medical treatment, living security, urban operation, emergency response, news media, etc. shall be approved and verified by the district government or the competent department of each industry, and the rest of the vehicles shall not be on the road unless necessary.

7. Residents in the jurisdiction who have special needs such as medical treatment can report to the community where they live, and can go out only after the community asks the superior department for instructions.

(Headquarters reporter Li Yonghui, Wang Xiaolong, Yao Zhengpeng)

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