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Sewage into the Alcantara river: 12 suspects, including former mayor

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Sewage into the Alcantara river: 12 suspects, including former mayor

Warranty notices Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office on Coast Guard investigations

(ANSA) – CALATABIANO, 15 JUN – They allegedly “spilled, deliberately and for years, the inadequately purified wastewater deriving from the purification plants of the Municipality of Calatabiano, among other things without authorization, causing the microbiological compromise and pollution of waters of the Alcantara river and the Minissale torrent “. This is the accusation contested by the Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office against twelve people under investigation, for various reasons, for environmental pollution, illicit waste disposal, dangerous throwing of things, aggravated damage to public affairs, false ideology committed by people exercising a service of public need. , omission of official acts and misdirection.

The warranties were notified by the Coast Guard of Riposto and Catania to a former mayor of Calatabiano, to employees of the Municipality, both at managerial and executive level, and to technical consultants and legal representatives of the Companies who, over the years, they were in charge of managing the purification plants at the service of the local authority. The investigations concerned the safeguarding of the delicate ecosystem of the Alcantara river whose waters flow directly into the sea.

According to the Catania Public Prosecutor’s Office, the investigations, at the current state of the proceedings, revealed that “the municipal public officials, in charge of the service, failed to take all the necessary actions to ensure the effective functioning of the plants, even though they were aware that, in this manner, were discharged into the Alcantara river – and therefore into the sea waters intended for public bathing – wastewater that contained very high parameters of fecal bacteria, well beyond the limits set by law, causing a serious risk to public health and the environment “. The Prosecutor also considers “particularly significant” the alleged “attempt by some suspects to obstruct and divert the investigation by means of expedients and repeated tampering with the two purifiers, the sewer pipes and the municipal water system, in order to alter the results of the investigations in course”. (HANDLE).

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