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Sewerage, aqueduct and pavement intervention

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Sewerage, aqueduct and pavement intervention

Luis Fernando Arango Álvarez is a civil engineer and is the professional in charge of the technical management of projects of the company Serviciudad, aqueduct, cleaning and sewerage, in an interview with ‘El Diario’ he shared the good news of the interventions that are being carried out on roads important in the Santa Monica neighborhood.

The work consists of the rehabilitation of the aqueduct and sewage networks in the sector of the Santa Mónica neighborhood. The Serviciudad Company in the year 2021 prepared the studies and designs of the Frailes district, this sector shelters in the area of ​​influence of the study that consisted of the modeling of the Frailes collector networks, primary networks and sewers, as a result it was obtained that the sector of Santa Mónica there is hydraulic insufficiency of the existing sewage system, in order to generate a positive impact in the community and so that the sewerage system complies with the quality and continuity regimes, it prioritizes this work within its investment plans, there are around fifteen hundred Millions of pesos required by the intervention that consists of increasing the pipe diameters of the sewerage networks in Carrera 19 between Avenida Santa Mónica, in the transversal 17 and Calle 17 between Carrera 19 and Avenida Santa Mónica and Carrera 18 with Avenida Santa Monica.


Within its investment works plan, the executing company must project the restitution and rehabilitation, if necessary, of the materials that are already obsolete.

The Santa Mónica neighborhood was one of the first in the municipality of Dosquebradas, it had conduits made with centrifuged and blasted concrete materials, which were deficient because they generated constant damage patterns, likewise the existing diameters were smaller and there were flooding problems. around Santa Monica hospital. Within the integrity of the work, it seeks to mitigate the issue of flooding.

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At this time, the change that is being made is for cutting-edge materials, the sewerage pipe is structural PVC, resistant to the stresses of the case, in this case the effort due to the vehicular traffic that passes through and the same weight of the material with which the pavement is restored.

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