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Sex to cure patients, two colleagues of the gynecologist to the prosecutors: “We knew, complaints from other women too”

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“I know well Giovanni Miniello, because I have already received complaints about him from other patients “: two gynecologists from Bari had replied to two women who had contacted them after being sexually abused by the doctor arrested on November 30. The stories of both ended up in the ordinance one is the first young woman who denounced Miniello, in November 2019, the other a medical student who a few days ago gave a long testimony to the carabinieri, in which she also highlighted that she had talked about the finished visits in harassment with another doctor and to have had confirmation that other people had also complained of those dubious diagnostic methods.

Sex to cure patients, the silence of the gynecologist Miniello in front of the judge. “It is proven”

by Chiara Spanish

Also on social networks, after all, after the story exploded through the service of Hyenas, there followed the comments of those who said that the visits a little too in-depth by that gynecologist were well known. Yet no report or complaint had ever been filed against him to the Order of Doctors, as confirmed by the president Filippo Anelli.

Sex to cure patients, Miniello gynecologist arrested: under house arrest for violence against at least eight women

by Giuliano Foschini

“What is emerging from the investigation was not imaginable – said Anelli – also impresses the fact that the trainees would have been involved and that nothing was known in that environment”. Many women among them had talked about the doctor’s sexual approach, in reality, even if until the autumn of 2019 none had filed a complaint with the judicial authorities.

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Bari, the gynecologist Miniello investigated for sexual violence: relationships with patients ‘to heal them’

by Chiara Spanish

The first two to speak were a 36 year old and a 26 year old, friends and assisted by the same lawyer, who had in turn indicated the names of other people who had suffered the same advances. The further complaints were filed only after the service of Hyenas. And following the house arrest ordered on November 30, they continue to arrive every day. The investigating judge Angelo SalernoHowever, in his ordinance he put a series of fixed points, which could invalidate the presentation of complaints on very dated episodes.

“He caressed me, he called me ‘stupid child'”: the violence of the gynecologist arrested in Bari in the 66 pages of the ordinance

by Isabella Maselli

The Prosecutor had also considered useful those presented after six months of the alleged abuses, highlighting that some girls had understood the gravity of the facts they had been protagonists only after they had confronted with their friends. The judge, on the other hand, did not agree with this approach. And he did the same in relation to the question of the psychic inferiority of the patients, determined by the fame of Miniello and by the serious damage that he expected if they did not accept the treatment of “remediation” of the papilloma virus.

Sex to cure patients, at the Bari gynecologist even during incorrect practice visits: “Those palpations are not done”

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by Chiara Spanish

The prosecutors believed that “the prospect of tumor risk has determined a condition of psychic inferiority”, the investigating judge instead recognized “the state of awe” but highlighted that “the cultural and social level of the offended people was such as to make it clear that there was no situation of imminent danger for one’s own safety “. Furthermore, the victims “could easily have identified other diagnostic and therapeutic paths, using different professionals”.

Sex to cure patients, the medical student: “I didn’t report it immediately fearing retaliation for exams”

by Chiara Spanish

Like those to whom the women turned after realizing the gravity of the gynecologist’s behavior and from whom they were told: “Don’t tell me anything about Miniello, I know everything, you’re not the first”.


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