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Shanghai Internet celebrity buffet rollover Yixu Sukiyaki shuts down for rectification and apologizes-News-cnBeta.COM

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Regarding the online exposure of the recycling of food ingredients as shoddy, Yixu Sukiyaki issued a statement of apology, saying,Recently, we have paid attention to the food safety issues in the Ichisu sukiyaki store on the Internet, and we are very shocked. Food safety is the red line of life for catering brands, as well as our consistent bottom line of business, and we are all responsible.


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After preliminary investigation, the store that exposed the video involved in the problem is Yixu Suzhou Longhu Tianjie franchise store. We thank customers and the media for helping us find these problems. We have ordered the store to close for rectification and set up a special monitoring team. In the early morning of the day, we rushed to the store involved in the typhoon for rectification and on-site supervision.

In response to this incident, we will thoroughly investigate and intensify the inspection of stores nationwide, and conduct strict supervision and control on food safety, store hygiene, and operating procedures, and will not tolerate stores that do not meet operating standards.

We hereby solemnly apologize to consumers, and once again thank consumers and the media for their monitoring and attention to Yixu!

Recently, @内幕择察局 broke the news that Shanghai’s No. 1 Internet celebrity buffet “Yixu Sukiyaki” ingredients are shoddy.The halibut is used as cod, the cheap beef is pretending to be Australian wagyu, and the sashimi leftover by the customer is recycled and new is added to continue to use.

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According to public information, the affiliated company of Yixu Sukiyaki is Shanghai Fengzhixu Catering Management Co., Ltd., established on January 15, 2019, and the registration authority is the Yangpu District Market Supervision Bureau.

Subsequently, the Shanghai Yangpu District Market Supervision Administration responded that it would investigate and verify it, and if the situation is true, it will definitely be dealt with.


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