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Shanghai’s sudden series of reports of epidemic deaths, experts reveal the inside story | Shanghai Epidemic | Epidemic Mortality | Basic Diseases

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Shanghai’s sudden series of reports of epidemic deaths, experts reveal the inside story | Shanghai Epidemic | Epidemic Mortality | Basic Diseases

[Epoch Times, April 28, 2022](The Epoch Times reporters Luo Ya and Cheng Jing interviewed and reported) In the past 10 days, Shanghai officials have continuously reported the death of the epidemic, a total of 285 people, and all of them have underlying diseases. But experts questioned: Many people are not considered to be basic diseases, and the CCP hastily fabricated fakes in order to cope with international doubts. At present, Shanghai has been under lockdown for a month, causing humanitarian disasters.

Shanghai announces death cases: all of them are basic diseases

In the outbreak of the epidemic that started on March 1 in Shanghai, officials announced today that the number of infected people has exceeded 530,000, with a total of 285 people. According to this calculation, the case fatality rate of this wave of epidemics is about 4.4 per 10,000.

The number of infected people in this wave peaked on April 10. According to official reports, there was no death until April 17, when the number of infected people in Shanghai had exceeded 400,000. Shanghai had only reported two deaths in the previous year and a half.

The outside world strongly doubts this. Chen Zhengming, a professor of epidemiology at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, previously told The New York Times that mainland China only counts deaths directly from COVID-19-related pneumonia.

In many places, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Hong Kong, following the International Guidelines for the Certification and Classification (Code) of Causes of Death for COVID-19 issued by the World Health Organization (WHO), as long as the new coronavirus is a factor, it will be counted.

The “Wall Street Journal” and other media investigations found that there were deaths in Shanghai nursing homes, but officials did not count them. Amid the huge voices of doubt, the Shanghai Health and Health Commission began reporting deaths on April 18, namely 3 cases on the 17th, 7 cases on the 18th, 7 cases on the 19th, 8 cases on the 20th, 11 cases on the 21st, 12 cases on the 22nd, There were 39 cases on the 23rd, 51 cases on the 24th, 52 cases on the 25th, 48 cases on the 26th, and 47 cases on the 27th, with a total of 285 deaths.

Among the deaths reported by the Shanghai Health and Health Commission every day, “the direct cause of death is the underlying disease.”

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For example, the People’s Daily reported on April 19 that from 0 to 24:00 on April 18, 2022, there were 7 new local deaths in Shanghai. The age ranged from 60 to 101 years old, of which 6 cases were over 75 years old, with coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension grade 3, sequelae of cerebral infarction, cardiac function grade Ⅲ, cerebral infarction, hypoalbuminemia and other serious underlying diseases. One case (60 years old) under 75 years old was complicated with traumatic brain herniation, traumatic subdural hemorrhage, multiple cerebral contusions, traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, and central diabetes insipidus. The above 7 people’s condition worsened after being admitted to hospital, and they died after the rescue failed. The direct cause of death was caused by the underlying disease.

According to the official report, from 0 to 24:00 on April 18, 2022, there were 7 new local deaths in Shanghai, all of which were underlying diseases. (web screenshot)

Expert: Not the underlying disease is also used to report to cover up fraud?

In this regard, Lin Xiaoxu, former laboratory director of the Department of Virology at the Walter Reed Army Research Institute in the United States, told The Epoch Times that, like gastrointestinal bleeding, this cannot be considered a basic disease, it may be food poisoning, and it may be too hungry. Advanced pancreatic cancer can’t be considered a basic disease, it is basically a patient who can’t be saved.

Also, he said, cerebral hemorrhage and myocardial infarction are basically emergencies and cannot be said to be underlying diseases. Others, like falling to death or being beaten to death, are also counted as underlying diseases, which is even more absurd.

According to the basic diseases introduced by Baidu Encyclopedia, first, there are basic metabolic disorders, such as endocrine disorders and diabetes; second, there is low immune function, such as AIDS; third, there are major chronic wasting diseases, such as tumors and hypertension.

Lin Xiaoxu analyzed that the CCP’s previous fraud or concealment of real data was too obvious, and the Shanghai authorities could not continue to compile it. Therefore, it is necessary to move closer to the common situation in the international community.

“The CCP desperately needs COVID deaths now, because there were no deaths at all or the number of deaths was too low. If that is true, it means that there is a panacea in Shanghai, then it would be better to transfer all severe COVID patients to Shanghai.”

He believes that Shanghai “hastily recharges all cases”, but in fact it does not have a reasonable mechanism for reporting deaths from the epidemic.

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Qin Peng, a current affairs commentator, also believes that some of the cases were obviously starved to death. For example, the Shanghai Bulletin on April 24 mentioned that the causes of death included “severe malnutrition and electrolyte imbalance”, which means that in the Fangcang shelter hospitals Elderly people who cannot take care of themselves actually cause abuse, leading to wrongful death.

Citizens: Death data listening to leaders’ blockade and control will lead to humanitarian disaster

In addition, the so-called death data of the CCP is not necessarily true. Ms. Zhang, a Shanghai citizen, told The Epoch Times, “Like other data, it depends on what the leaders ask for. Just like when we make a report, my data will go to what the leaders ask. To collect. You know what I mean?”

Regarding the ultra-low mortality rate of the epidemic in China, the British news weekly The Economist has established a model based on big data statistics on the excess mortality rate to roughly estimate the excess mortality rate in various countries and around the world. number of people. Many countries, including the United States, are underestimated.

Excess mortality, as defined by WHO, is “the difference between the estimated total number of deaths in a given place, over a given time period, and the number of deaths that would have been expected without the pandemic (non-COVID-19 scenario)”.

But the CCP does not publish excess death data. VOA quoted data statistician George Calhoun (George Calhoun), following the Economist’s model, saying that Chinese officials may have underreported the number of COVID-19 deaths by 17,000% , “The real COVID-19 death toll in China is not 4,636, but about 1.7 million.”

Zhang Hai, whose father died in the first outbreak in Wuhan, told The Epoch Times, “I believe that many of those who died were tragedies caused by his inhumane lockdown measures.”

Since Shanghai was completely closed down on April 1, news of people jumping off buildings and committing suicides has spread frequently. Today, in Fengbang Town, Jiading District, on the western outskirts of Shanghai, a young man who jumped off a building was blocked upstairs in an agricultural and industrial supermarket. Because no one cares, there is no food, and there is no money in the mobile phone to pay the rent, I have no choice but to jump off the building.

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Before jumping off the building, the young man said that he called the neighborhood committee, and the neighborhood committee didn’t care.

Ms. Zhang complained that it was very strange. I am a normal person without getting sick. How about going out for a walk in an open and honest way? Where am I preventing you from violating infectious disease regulations? I think this (closing the city) is a neurotic approach.

Qin Peng said, “We have reasons to question whether the CCP is forcing these elderly people to quarantine, is it deliberately clearing their bodies to prove the political correctness of the CCP’s ‘absolutely clearing’ policy?” He believes that the CCP announced an Considerable numbers are there to prove that the center is right.

Zhang Hai believes, “Officials do whatever they want, use their power, and use the resources they have to bring so much harm to ordinary people.” He asked, “Is this taking advantage of the epidemic to kill people in disguise? This kind of behavior is a typical government criminal behavior. .”

Zhang Hai: Chinese people should reflect

It has been nearly three years since the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, and it is still repeated like this, Zhang Hai said, “The CCP’s prevention and control are becoming more and more extreme, and they have adopted this very violent means to block and control. We should have a know.”

Zhang Hai believes, “Chinese people should reflect. I believe that many people will have a clear understanding and should jointly issue a call to hold the source of the virus accountable.”

First, power should be restrained, he said. “There is a saying, you have to put power in a cage, otherwise it will put you in a cage. And there must be a good system, restraints on officials, and protection of laws and people’s rights, so that a country can develop healthily , otherwise all kinds of humanitarian disasters may occur.”

Furthermore, he believes that all Chinese people should reflect on, “If you are not afraid of jumping off a building, what are you afraid of? Why don’t you dare to resist? Who restricts your freedom, who keeps you from eating or drinking? Why don’t you dare to stand up and fight? , so this aspect deserves our Chinese and everyone who has been hurt in this way to think deeply.”

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