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Shanxi releases 20 red tourism routes to enrich tourist choices-Entertainment Grand View-Market Information Network

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Shanxi releases 20 red tourist routes to enrich tourist choices

Market Information Network 2023-05-30 11:18:31 Source: People’s Daily Online Comments:

Original title: Shanxi releases 20 red tourist routes to enrich tourists’ choices

On the 27th, the Shanxi Red Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference hosted by the Shanxi Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, with the theme of “continuing the red blood, inheriting the red gene, and promoting the integrated development of red tourism”, was held in Wuxiang. This move aims to display Shanxi’s rich red cultural resources and historical heritage, tap the spiritual connotation and era value of Shanxi’s red, and promote Shanxi’s red tourism to take a new step.

Shanxi is a province rich in red tourism resources. There are more than 3,400 red cultural relics, nearly 500 of which have been announced as cultural relics protection units at all levels, 103 of which have become red tourist attractions (spots), and 17 of which have been listed as national patriotic education demonstration bases. There are 29 classic tourist attractions and 28 A-level tourist attractions involving red resources.

Shanxi is also a province where the development of red tourism started earlier. As early as 1992, the “Taihang Mountain Revolutionary Base Tour” project was launched, and it was selected into 8 national and provincial tourism special routes in the “China Friendship Tourism Year”.

In recent years, the development of red tourism in Shanxi has been on the fast track, especially the group development and innovative integration of the three major sectors of “Yellow River”, “Taihang” and “Great Wall”. A beautiful scenery in China’s red tourism territory.

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The red cultural carriers all over Shanxi are precious resources for developing Shanxi’s red tourism industry and promoting the high-quality economic and social development of the province, as well as important resources for promoting red culture and clean culture.

In order to give full play to cultural resources such as red tourist attractions, important historical events and activities commemorating places, revolutionary memorial halls (exhibition halls), former sites of important institutions, etc., at the promotion meeting, Shanxi released 20 red tourist routes, including the “Spirit of the First Victory in the Anti-Japanese War” The Inheritance and Inspirational Tour, the Red Tour of Leisurely Yangcheng Revolutionary Old Area, the Red Tour of the Roots of the Anti-Japanese War in China, the Red Tour of the Passionate Years, the Red Tour of the Original Heart, and the Red Tour of Remembrance of the Martyrs’ Bloodline, etc., have provided more tourists from all over the country to come to Shanxi. Rich and colorful travel options.

It is reported that the above tourist routes involve 11 cities in Shanxi Province, stringing together Shanxi’s rich red tourism resources into a thread, allowing tourists to receive the influence of red culture during the journey, and inherit the red gene through exploration and innovation. (Liu Xiaohong)

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