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Shenzhen’s epidemic intensifies, China Electronics First Street “Huaqiangbei” is closed | closed management | blockade |

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Shenzhen’s epidemic intensifies, China Electronics First Street “Huaqiangbei” is closed | closed management | blockade |

[NTD Beijing, June 25, 2022]The CCP virus (COVID-19) rebound in Shenzhen, China has intensified. Shenzhen’s “Huaqiangbei”, known as China‘s largest electronic trading market, was erected overnight, prohibiting any People come and go. From the 25th, all community areas and urban villages in Futian District will implement “closed management”. Netizens angrily denounced “It’s not enough to do things for the people, and the overweight seal is the first.”

Recently, the epidemic in Shenzhen has rebounded again, and confirmed cases are mainly concentrated in Futian and Luohu districts. On June 25, local time, the Futian District Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued an announcement, announcing that from now on, all community communities and urban villages in Futian except the closed control area, control area, and prevention area will implement the so-called “closed management”. “In addition to farmers’ markets and agricultural product wholesale markets, all wholesale markets and indoor closed places are required to suspend business. In the next 3 days, the district will conduct 3 rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff.

The notice stated that the above-mentioned control time is tentatively set for 3 days, and “then will be adjusted dynamically according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.”

Before the official announcement of the implementation of global closed management, the merchants in “Huaqiangbei”, known as “China‘s first electronic street” in the important electronic product commercial area in Futian District, Shenzhen, have been requested to suspend business in advance. The subway also goes through the station non-stop.

The video clips exposed on Chinese online social platforms show that on the evening of the 24th, a sealing and isolation board has been erected around the Huaqiang Electronics World area overnight, and businesses in this area are required to “close for at least 3 days”.

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Business owners lamented that the epidemic in Shenzhen has been repeated, everyone can’t do business, more and more bosses have gone bankrupt, and many people have lost their jobs as a result.

Previously, the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters in Futian District, Shenzhen announced that from June 22, Futian District will delineate “closed control areas, control areas, and prevention areas” in Shatou Street. According to the regulations, “area closed, stay at home, nucleic acid testing on-site, door-to-door service” is implemented in the closed control area; “Do not leave home, nucleic acid testing on-site, door-to-door service” is implemented in the control area in the first 4 days; from the fifth day to After the control is over, the measures of “fixed-frame management, staying out of the building, and picking up things at the wrong time” are implemented; the precautionary area requires “strict restrictions on gathering of people”, “not leaving unless necessary”, and necessary travel must have a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours and Make sure “two o’clock and one line” etc.

On the online social platform, netizens in Shenzhen have posted lamentations, “The control area of ​​the closed control area is here again”; “The netizen community can only enter and is surrounded by it”; “The building next door has been closed for the fifth time this year”; “The epidemic situation is severe. On the night of the 22nd, a new round of nucleic acid screening will be carried out, when will it become a head?”;

A Chinese netizen went over the wall to leave a comment on an overseas website and commented: “If the national economy and people’s livelihood are not collapsed, we will not give up. Lay it down, really, it is meaningless. Of course, those kings, I feel like I can do it myself, good luck to you.”

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Some netizens also questioned: “Since we want to block and control, why do we need to do a lot of nucleic acid? Isn’t that a large group?”

Some netizens left a message sarcastically: “You must be blocked to death! No matter how you block for half a year and a year, you will definitely starve the virus to death! Come on!”

(Reporter Zhu Ying comprehensive report/responsible editor: Lin Qing)

URL of this article: https://www.ntdtv.com/gb/2022/06/25/a103464798.html

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