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Shock! Hopeless?Three young people in Sichuan meet to commit suicide by taking poison | Sichuan | Deyang | Swan Forest Farm | Young people |

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Shock! Hopeless?Three young people in Sichuan meet to commit suicide by taking poison | Sichuan | Deyang | Swan Forest Farm | Young people |

[Voice of Hope April 23, 2023](comprehensive report by our reporter Fu Ming) After 4 young people from different provinces in Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Hunan met to commit suicide by taking poison and jumping off a cliff, another shocking news came out on April 23. Another 3 young people from Deyang, Sichuan met to commit suicide by taking poison. from different places.

Based on mainland media reports, it was rumored on the Internet that three people committed suicide by ingesting poison at the Swan Forest Farm in Shifang City, Sichuan Province. Their bodies were found on April 22. At around 20 o’clock on the 23rd, the police said that three bodies were indeed found in the Swan Forest Farm on April 22, and the matter is still under investigation.

According to the introduction of a business near the forest farm, there was indeed such a thing. It was 3 young people, one of whom was in 1992. The relevant department had already gone to the forest farm yesterday, but he had already passed away. Surrounding businesses are still operating as normal.

According to local insiders, three young people who committed suicide by taking poison in Swan Forest Farm, one from Fujian and one from Henan, two men and one woman, aged 26, 28 and 31, said they were the same as the young people who committed suicide at the Tianmen Mountain scenic spot in Zhangjiajie. Meet here to commit suicide:

#网式四川天鹅林场三人重毒死着死# aroused public attention and became a trending topic on Weibo. Many netizens said that the root cause lies in the society, and there are too many young people desperate now:

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“It’s okay to be a little bit tired, and it’s the most terrible thing to see no hope. Young people who have no resources and no good fathers have no future in this society. They have no ability to nourish themselves. It is very difficult for them to end their suffering in this way.” It’s a relief, but the reality is too cruel.”

“Now this society is driving young people to a dead end step by step. If the society does not undergo fundamental structural changes, there will only be more and more such things in the future!”

“Since the Tianmen Mountain Meet ZS incident, the most worrying thing has happened. There are many people in this world who want to die but don’t have the courage to die. This time they finally “know” how to get rid of it…”

“Young people are world-weary because they have no way out and cannot see the slightest change.”

“Hasn’t this society brought them a little bit of hope?”

“Education, medical care, and housing are always three big mountains that weigh on the Chinese people.”

“It’s easier said than done. Our pressure is that people give to each other, and the cycle keeps going back and forth. The tree wants to be quiet but the wind doesn’t stop.”

“Seven jumps in a row in Tianjin, four jumps in Zhangjiajie, and three in Sichuan! It happened in one or two months.”

“Hundreds of millions of people are unemployed, undergraduates, masters, and even PhDs go to do food delivery, run Didi, and people without education and money have no hope.”

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“What people are most afraid of is not seeing hope. You can suffer slowly if you are a little bit tired. Once you are desperate, your psychological defense will collapse. Those with poor endurance really can’t stand it!”

Young people who also had suicidal thoughts posted on Weibo to express their feelings:

“To be honest, I would have this idea even if my parents were still alive. Every day now is to live responsibly. I’m sorry that I didn’t become a person with strong ability to resist pressure. Everything is my fault. It has nothing to do with cults. “

Some netizens posted a joke:

“Someone commits suicide in such a beautiful society? How stupid to sell potatoes for 9,000 yuan a day.”

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