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SHOPVOTE – More power for product reviews

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SHOPVOTE – More power for product reviews

For the product reviews, our close cooperation partner SHOP VOTE published an update that optimizes the collected reviews on the rating platform.

New features of Shopvote

Previously, only the last 25 product reviews were displayed in a retailer’s review profile. With the update, the entire rated product catalog of a retailer is now clearly presented.

In the next step, the product ratings should then also be able to be used directly in Google Ads to ensure rating stars in the ads, just as retailers already know from their shop ratings.

(Display of products with a rating in the rating profile)

In addition, a product detail page was introduced, on which each product now has its own rating profile. SHOPVOTE has announced that this update marks the start of a series of further updates to make the use of product ratings even more attractive for retailers.


(product detail page; Evaluation profile of a product)

Product profile in organic Google search results

The introduction of the rating profile for individual products brings with it another advantage: each product profile can now be displayed with the popular stars in the organic search results on Google. The search engine-optimized product profile is recorded and evaluated by Google. The number of ratings, the respective stars and even the product image are displayed in the organic search results (see example below).


When a product has star ratings in search results, it is perceived with higher credibility and trustworthiness. The stars represent the aggregated customer ratings and opinions about a product, allowing consumers to quickly get an idea of ​​its quality and the satisfaction of other buyers.

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This visual representation of reviews makes it easier for potential buyers to identify high-quality products and select trusted vendors. When a product has a high rating and positive comments, users are more likely to click and eventually purchase it.

Rating stars are also considered an indicator of a product’s relevance and popularity. Google takes these stars into account when determining the ranking of search results and often gives better visibility to products with good ratings and higher user satisfaction.

Import function for external ratings

Another interesting feature of SHOPVOTE is the import function for external reviews. If an online retailer switches to SHOPVOTE, he can use this function to import his previous ratings, without additional costs for clients of the IT law firm.

This allows retailers to advertise with the imported ratings immediately after switching to SHOPVOTE. Whether an import is possible depends on various factors and should always be discussed directly with SHOPVOTE before changing.

Shop ratings and product reviews: receive them with legal certainty

It is important for online retailers to receive positive shop ratings and product reviews, as these can have a positive impact on increasing sales.

If these ratings are also given a corresponding degree of trustworthiness through the choice of the rating portal used, this can result in an additional advantage for the use of ratings for advertising purposes. SHOPVOTE uses manipulation protection that is able to recognize fraudulent and abusive ratings in various ways.

The legally secure collection of customer opinions is particularly important for online retailers. That is why the process used by SHOPVOTE ensures the legally required consent of the consumer so that they can receive a rating request.

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Overall, it is crucial for online retailers to generate reviews in a legal manner and to observe the legal requirements. Working with a trusted review portal like SHOPVOTE provides a safe and effective way to collect customer reviews and earn the trust of potential buyers.

To the ShopVote rating system

SHOP VOTE is a platform for dealer ratings and product reviews. The use of retailer ratings and product reviews from SHOPVOTE is enjoying increasing popularity and is already becoming scarce 8,000 clients of the IT law firm used.

By integrating SHOPVOTE into the Protection packages from the IT law firm our clients can access all premium functions for collecting dealer ratings free of charge.

No price increases for clients

When we asked whether retailers should expect price changes as a result of the upcoming updates, SHOPVOTE assured us that the prices would remain unchanged. Clients of the IT law firm will continue to use the rating functions for dealer ratings free of charge and also the exclusive offer to collect product reviews will continue to be available to our clients for €19.90 per month.

How do our clients benefit from the advantages of the ShopVote rating system?

By integrating SHOPVOTE into the protection packages of the IT law firm, clients benefit from numerous advantages:

  • Unlimited access to all basic & premium functions for shop reviews
  • No costs for shop reviews as long as a contract for a protection package with us.
  • Future premium function for shop reviews also free of charge
  • Collect an unlimited number of shop reviews for free
  • Rating stars in Google AdWords™]
  • Rating stars on Google Shopping™
  • Appealing rating graphics (e.g. floating badge
  • Diverse display and integration options for the rating stars
  • AllVotes: ShopVote ratings & external ratings in one graphic
  • Needs-based, flexible evaluation criteria
  • EasyReviews: Legally compliant, fully automatic, collect reviews
  • Free import option for external customer ratings in the SHOPVOTE rating profile
  • Automatically collect product reviews
  • Rating stars for product ratings in the organ. search results
  • Up to 48% discount on the feature Product Reviews
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