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Shrine trip started in Aachen – Rhineland – News

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Shrine trip started in Aachen – Rhineland – News

After a nine-year break, the Aachen Shrine Journey has reopened. It normally takes place every seven years, but had to be postponed from 2021 to this year due to the corona crisis.

Bishop Helmut This raised the four cloth relics from the shrine to Mary in a festive service in the evening in the cathedral. The relics will be on public display over the next ten days and also displayed in showcases in the cathedral. For the sanctuary trip in Aachen more than 100,000 pilgrims are expected by June 19th.

Emperor Karl brought relics with him

According to tradition, the relics are the dress of Mary from the Holy Night, the swaddling clothes of Jesus, the loincloth worn at the crucifixion and the beheading cloth of John the Baptist.

The relics, whose authenticity has not been historically proven, were brought back by Charlemagne in 799 from Jerusalem, Constantinople and Rome. However, more recent studies have shown that the substances were created between the years 300 and 500.

According to the diocese, for many Christians the trip to the shrine has always been an opportunity to experience the fellowship of believers and to feel their faith anew. The four Aachen relics are seen as a sign of redemption through Jesus Christ. For all pilgrims who come to Aachen, the question of the authenticity of the relics was and is never of importance.

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