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SHV Schärding opened the third Vitales Wohnen in Taufkirchen

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SHV Schärding opened the third Vitales Wohnen in Taufkirchen

“Home is where your heart is”: The motto of Vital Living (ViWo) was not only emphasized several times by director Sabine Schwarzgruber on the day of the ceremonial opening of the new facility in Taufkirchen an der Pram, but was also among the invited guests, This was clearly felt by the volunteers, but especially by the residents present last Thursday. “The residents feel at home with us,” said Sabine Schwarzgruber.

The ViWo is a new, innovative form of care. The special housing offer is aimed at people in need of care who can no longer live alone but do not yet need care in a nursing home. The specialist staff of the Social Welfare Association (SHV) are responsible for daytime care. During the night hours, volunteers from the Red Cross – the “night helpers” – are on call. “We are facing challenges in the area of ​​care – financially and in terms of personnel,” said district captain and SHV chairman Florian Kolmhofer. These challenges must be faced and at the same time find solutions that are feasible and tailored to needs. This was achieved with the ViWo, says Kolmhofer. In Taufkirchen, the third ViWo location in the district was built after the facilities in St. Marienkirchen near Schärding and Schärding. Ten of the 17 residential units have now been allocated.

from left: SHV office manager Anita Hötzeneder, National Councilor Hermann Brückl, property developer Nicola Moser, Mayor Paul Freund, State Councilor Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer, district captain Florian Kolmhofer, ViWo manager Sabine Schwarzgruber (vabe) Image: vabe

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Courage and innovation

State Councilor for Social Affairs Wolfgang Hattmannsdorfer (VP) was also a guest. The older generation, who have built the country over the past decades, must be able to rely on their descendants. It is therefore important to work on solutions for needs-based care. “The Innviertel, and especially in this case the Schärding district, are not only inventors and researchers in the economy, but also in the social area,” said Hattmannsdorfer. According to the State Councilor for Social Affairs, the idea of ​​vital living has demonstrated a “pioneering spirit”. The mayor of Taufkirchen, Paul Freund (VP), also took the same line. Due to the demographic development towards an older society, innovation and alternatives are needed. In order to bring the Vital Living project to Taufkirchen, it took many discussions and initial attempts. “A relatively long time has passed since the decision was made in 2015. But we in the community have stuck with it and are happy to have created this care offer together with the social welfare association,” said Freund. The first residents finally moved into the new building in April of this year. The Linz housing cooperative “Familie”, which acquired the property for the ViWo in 2008, is the developer providing the age-appropriate rental apartments.

“A great house with great apartments has been created,” says ViWo manager Schwarzgruber. “It takes courage to undertake such projects, and we had that.” From now on, the heart and therefore life in the new building will be brought by the residents, together with their numerous carers.

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