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SICA opens the doors to Russia

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SICA opens the doors to Russia

The Central American Integration System (SICA), chaired pro tempore by the Nicaraguan Ortega, Werner Vargas, will grant Russia the status of “observer country” in the coming days.

“We also have good relations with the Central American Integration System, where Russia will soon receive observer status. The respective agreement is already prepared,” said Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister.

The entry of Russia to Sica occurs at a time when Nicaragua occupies the Pro Tempore secretariat of the regional organization. Nicaraguan Werner Isaac Vargas Torres, appointed by the Ortega Murillo regime, is the current Secretary General of SICA.

“As part of its foreign policy for the year 2023, Russia announced that it will prioritize support for Latin American countries, especially those that are ‘under pressure from the United States and its allies,'” said the Nicaraguan news portal Despacho505.

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