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Sichuan issues early warning of geological hazards: 2 orange warning areas, 20 yellow warning areas-Sina.com

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Original title: Sichuan issued early warning of geological hazards: orange warning area, 2 yellow warning areas, 20 sources: CCTV news client

original title:

The Sichuan Provincial Geological Hazard Headquarters Office announced that today (October 5) from 20 o’clock to 20 o’clock tomorrow, there are 2 counties in the second-level orange warning area for geological hazards and meteorological risk in Sichuan, and 20 counties in the third-level yellow warning area. (City, district).

Orange warning areaGuangyuan Wangcang County, Bazhong Nanjiang County;Yellow warning areaLizhou District, Chaotian District, Zhaohua District, Qingchuan County, Jiange County, Cangxi County, Mianyang Youxian District, Jiangyou City, Yanting County, Pingwu County, Zitong County, Beichuan County, Bazhou District , Enyang District, Tongjiang County, Wanyuan City of Dazhou, Langzhong City of Nanchong, Nanbu County, Yilong County, Xichong County, 5 cities and 20 counties (cities, districts).

The Sichuan Provincial Geological Disaster Headquarters Office requires early warning areas to pay close attention to the rainfall forecast and actual rainfall; check the implementation of the disaster prevention responsibility system; inspect the slopes, backers and cliffs, ditch mouths and other dangerous areas in front of and behind the encrypted houses; monitor, early warning and early warning Information release work; find signs of danger, take the initiative to take preventive and avoidance measures decisively to ensure the safety of people’s lives; make preparations for emergency response to sudden geological disasters. (Headquarters reporter Liu Tao)

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